‘College Hill Drama’ Tiffany Pollard Clashes with Joseline Hernandez + Backlash Ensues

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Tiffany Pollard rubbed Joseline Hernandez the wrong way with comments regarding a deceased pet.

Joseline Hernandez is currently a hot topic on social media. The “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum has moved on to Zeus Network. Her hit show “Joseline’s Cabaret” resulted in Joseline being sued. However, the suit was eventually dropped. The controversy did not sit well with a lot of people. So it was assumed that the show would be canceled. However, a new season is on the way. And in the meantime, Joseline is causing a lot of drama on the new season of “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.” In fact, one misunderstanding with one cast member led to Joseline having tension with the entire house.

On the current season, cast members are attending classes in hopes to graduate from a certificate program at Alabama State University.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard told Joseline she was grieving her daughter’s death. Joseline hugged her and offered condolences. In a later conversation, “My Wife and Kids” actress Parker McKenna Posey told Joseline that Tiffany was talking about her deceased dog. And this set off Joseline because she felt as if Tiffany lied to her.

Tiffany Pollard and Joseline Hernandez’s conversation was tense.

When Joseline confronted Tiffany, Tiffany confirmed that she was talking about her dog. But her dog was like her daughter. And Joseline needs to respect her feelings. This really baffled Joseline. She told Tiffany that dogs are not children. She’s offended by this kind of thinking because she’s a mother to a human being. But she still wanted to understand where Tiffany was coming from.

Tiffany is hurt and offended by Joseline’s refusal to accept her perspective. So she asked Joseline to leave her room because she was upset. And she didn’t care to continue this conversation. This only escalated things because Joseline took Tiffany wanting her to leave as a form of disrespect.

Joseline said, “Now I feel like you trying me because I’m trying to understand your situation.”

And Tiffany felt attacked, “But you’re trying to come for me about how I felt because I’m grieving.”

Joseline refused to leave until Tiffany started crying and screaming.

Amber Rose, O’Ryan Browner, and Parker expressed their disappointment with Joseline’s behavior toward Tiffany. Amber in particular wasn’t prepared to see Joseline speak her unfiltered mind about everything. She thinks it’s a bit mean and intimidating.

Plus, Parker and Joseline were roommates. And Joseline locked herself in their room following her blowup with Tiffany.

Ray-J came to the conclusion that a house meeting was needed. So he spoke to Joseline about the tension. He also told her that Parker said she was locked out of their room.

This didn’t sit well with Joseline. She started to feel like she was the outcast of the house. So she kicked Parker out of their room.

Some fans think that Joseline is already out of control. However, others think Tiffany should have been concise from the start.


  1. I mean Joseline is gonna Joseline, but also, if I don’t know you, don’t tell me a daughter or son died and you’re talking about a pet. So as much as I love her…New York kinda did the most in this situation….cause I would have felt some kind of way too…

    1. Same, I don’t know if New York has kids but as a mother to an actual human being that would take me back for a second for real 😧 because I am a pet mom to and I had a dog for 10 years and she died and yes it is a very grand loss but it is absolutely not the same as if I were to ever lose one of my daughters God forbid.

    2. Grief is grief. It doesn’t matter whether that grief is for a human child or a furbaby. We raise, love, provide and take care of them just as we would a human being. The love and companionship they provide cannot be measured. Some say furbaby, Tiffany says daughter. Either way, the pain is real. To dismiss Tiffany’s feelings simply because Joseline feels that dogs are lower life forms and clearly not as important to HER……that is wrong and disrespectful of a pet parent’s feelings

  2. Joseline just doesn’t understand that there’s no need to say everything you’re thinking out loud.

  3. Some people look at their pets as kids because they couldn’t have human kids. Mind your business and let people do what they choose if it’s not hurting anybody.

  4. Joseline knew not to SWING on New York like she did MiMi and the CABARET girls…I don’t know why they casted her RATCHET A** for this show.

  5. I agree. Leave Joslene wherever she was. New York would have been enough. Joslene doesn’t realize there is but so far she will go with her behavior

  6. Chile why were these clips more entertaining than LAMH, Basketball Wives, RHOA/RHOP? It reminded me of how raw and real reality shows used to be. Let me go ahead and get a BET Plus subscription. 🥴

    1. Putting Tiffany and Joseline on the same show was genius. I hate to say it but these streaming platforms are putting out better content. Cable just isn’t worth it anymore. And LAMH and all the Bravo shows are way too overproduced now.

  7. I wouldn’t be upset to the point I felt disrespected dogs sometimes are treated better than people so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually thought their dog was their daughter people eat with their dogs let them kiss them in the mouth paint their dog nails so I wouldn’t be offended if someone was upset and saying their daughter died joseline is just doing the joseline and New York is doing the New York but New York is also the pioneer of reality tv and joseline leaving Atlanta is one of the reasons Atlanta is about to be canceled

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