K. Michelle Doesn’t Want You To Think She’s Just Another Reality Television Bird

k michelle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle has pretty much been labeled as a reality television drama queen since becoming a big star thanks to the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Although K. Michelle initially garnered a lot of support from viewers for her alleged past with domestic violence at the hands of ex-boyfriend Memphitz, thanks to her numerous fall outs and shade throwing to cast mates Rasheeda and Karlie Redd, many have labeled the R&B singer as immature and messy. It also doesn’t help that she has angered a lot of her Tampa Bay fan base by refusing to perform at a recent gig because she was scheduled to perform before Lyfe Jennings. Apparently, K. Michelle walked out of the performance because she didn’t like that she was not the headlining act.

But despite how abrasive she’s appeared on the show and in some of her interviews (and social network behavior), K. Michelle is actually quite accomplished. She does have a college education, but sadly, these achievements continue to be overshadowed for her behavior on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

Annoyed with the what she views as a one sided portrayal of who she really is, K. Michelle took to her Twitter account to give a break down of her other accomplishments and things she’s managed to pull off while pursuing her college degree.

She actually pledged my (and our managing editor’s) sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, while attending FAMU:

k michelle twitter

And K. Michelle also said she won Ms. FAMU and even had a shot at Law School:

k michelle

K. Michelle’s revelations on Twitter can perhaps be viewed as proof that many times, we only get to see one side of a celebrity. Due to her behavior on the show, many were shocked to even learn that she has a college education. But she does and even has many more achievements as well that aren’t in reality television.

What say you, are you shocked that K. Michelle has graduated college, pledged the largest black sorority, and even had a shot at Law School?

Tell us in the comment section.


    1. it doesn’t shock me at all. When you listen to K Michelle’s lyrics, it is obvious that she is bright, sensitive and articulate. As a recording artist, she is actually very smart. She has created a niche that no one else can fill. Who can yodel? Who has that kind of controlled vibrato in his or her voice? Who writes and composes his or her own songs and continuously cranks out hits, other than Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. She has a heart for her fans and listening audience, but she is insanely talented. My caviat: Be very careful K. This industry can destroy lives. Make sure you’re well grounded, know your truth and stick to it. To them, you’re a product to be sold, to be pushed beyond sane resilience. Own yourself! You’re worth it!

  1. I’m glad to here she has a college degree, but can she at least act like she does? I know her behavior has to be embarrassing to the Deltas too.

  2. Yes, I’m shocked but then again, it’s not hard to get into college anymore. But the fact that she graduated says a lot. Does she pretend to be ratchet on TV for fame?Her resume doesn’t read that of someone who acts like a child on TV.

  3. I LOVE K.Michelle and her story. The only advice I would give to her would be for her not to feed into the Twitter foolishness all the time. We all know she’s a bit off but that’s ok(lol). I hope everything turns out good for her.

  4. K. Michelle is hilarious, but I never thought she was a dummy to begin with. So I’m not shocked by her accomplishments. I wish her the best with her music career.

  5. Love me some K. Michelle but I was shocked by all of this. She acts like a bird on the show and on Twitter. Maybe there is more to her, hopefully we can see that side now that she has talked more about herself.

  6. I’m a little impressed to be honest. Who would have known? Why doesn’t she ever talk about these things in her interviews? I rather hear about these things than that tired beef she has with Rasheeda.

  7. I’m amazed. Well if only she could tone it down just a little. I think if she did that, she could have a bigger singer career.

  8. Honestly, a college degree doesn’t make someone classy. Yeah, she’s got a degree, but class is a choice. That’s why they say you can buy an education but you can’t buy class. I am indifferent about her, but I could like her more if she wasn’t so childish on and off the show. She’s too old to be acting like that.

  9. so she’s bragging about being educated but she acts like a dummy. Anyone can be educated but then carry yourself proper and people can respect you more. For her to think she could have been a headliner about Lyfe Jennings, she’s out of her mind. Lyfe has accomplished way more than her. Just like she told Karlie Redd, she ain’t used to this R&B life, she too has to realize she’s never had an album released, only had one video, no hit singles, Lyfe has done that.

  10. I don’t really care that she has a degree because if it walks, talks, and acts like a bird…

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