Stevie J. Says Chris Brown Reminds Him Of Himself

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Chris Brown being compared to Stevie J. now? Stevie J’s antics on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta made it clear that he was not a one woman man as Stevie stayed caught up in a love triangle that included his baby’s mama Mimi Faust and his artist Joseline Hernandez throughout the entire show. As it has now been made clear that Stevie is still involved with Joseline, the hit music producer has let it be known before that he is not what one would consider to be marriage material. It has been said that Stevie is known for messing with more than one woman at one time, a habit of his that was said to have caused the demise of his relationship with Rapper Eve. With the latest news surrounding Chris Brown and his very own love triangle with his two ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, people couldn’t help but to pin Chris as nothing but a younger version of Stevie J., a player. Chris Brown has been seen on his Instagram account mimicking Stevie J’s famous rat face. But now some people feel like Chris’ behavior is favoring Stevie’s when it comes to how he treats women.

Chris Brown got bashed heavily by both his fans and critics when news broke of him abusing ex-girlfriend Rihanna. And to this day, those who despised him over what he did to Rihanna have still not forgiven him for it, some of them even going on angry rants about his character and singing career. Stevie J. however thinks that people need to let Chris live and move on from what happened years ago:

Chris got called out again by one of Stevie’s followers, saying that he is a player just like Stevie. And of course, Stevie didn’t let that comment slide, telling the accuser that they are hating on both him and Chris:

Stevie ended his tweets about Chris by saying that the star singer reminded him a lot of himself, “a fly guy” as he put it:

Stevie J. may have denied locking lips with Lil’ Wayne in a Miami nightclub and having a thing for men. But when it comes to his thoughts on how Chris Brown compares to him, he seems to agree that they are quite alike.






  1. Honestly, this is exactly the best way to sum up this whole situation. It’s got Stevie J., Mimi, and Joseline written all over it!

  2. So who is Mimi and who is Joseline? I guess Rihanna and Kae could switch up with those two roles. Neither one of them is the main anyway at this point.

  3. Chris probably sees this as a compliment. I really don’t think a young man who’s a celeb cares about sleeping with two women at the same time. And by this pic, it’s clear he somewhat respects what Stevie J. does to Mimi and Joseline. People saw that pic of Chris as a joke, but it was really a symbol of how his love life has probably been all along. I mean who knows how long he’s been messing with Rih and Kae at the same time.

  4. LOL this whole situation is crazy. But in the end, it will have the same result as Mimi and Joseline. Both share the same man. One is in denial about it though (Rih), while the other gets it and just gets what she wants out of it (Kae).

    1. Cosign and I completely agree with who you said was delusional and who will just stick around to get their needs met. Rihanna has to be really delusional to want to go back to the same man who beat her. She sees more in him than she needs to. But like Mimi, it’s all her fault for not being smarter about the situation. She looks the worst in my opinion.

  5. Chris Brown is a young Stevie J. It’s not completely his fault that these two women continue to stick around despite the obvious red flags everyone else seems to see though. It’s like getting mad that Mimi still gives Stevie J. chances. Men do what we allow.

  6. Well neither Rihanna or Karrueche plan on getting off of Chris’ bus, so hey, let them all crash and burn together. They don’t deserve all the press they are getting.

  7. Stevie J. meant that as a compliment, but it’s really an insult. But just like Stevie’s case, if the women allow it, you can’t be too mad at Chris. He’s young and he’s got two chicks who are willing to take whatever he wants to give them.

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