K. Michelle Goes Off On A Hater When They Claim She Had Butt Injections

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle has a hard time ignoring her haters when they come for her on Twitter. We’re not sure if it’s because she enjoys the back and fourth that is guaranteed to occur once she gives them the attention they wanted, or if she just sees this kind of behavior on the social networks as a way to keep her in the headlines. It’s probably the latter, but regardless, her behavior has many people calling the reality star immature. In fact, K. Michelle seems to always be getting into it with someone, and she’s had a her fair share of beef with cast mates too. And K. Michelle doesn’t just stop at Twitter, she also drags people in her interviews. Rasheeda knows that all too well.

Even though K. Michelle continues to show her ratchet side on a regular basis, she did reveal not too long ago that despite the behavior she demonstrates on LHHATL, she does have a college education and she did manage to get accepted into law school.

And after complaining that people don’t get to see the many other sides to her, one would think that just maybe she would tone down the Twitter beefs with complete strangers and other reality television stars.

Welp, I guess  that’s never going to happen. Especially when K. Michelle still answers those negative tweets from her haters.

In a recent Twitter beef, after K. Michelle tweeted how much she loves herself, one of her haters indicated that K. Michelle couldn’t really love herself if she felt the need to get butt injections and other plastic surgery procedures.

twitter beef k michelle

And of course, it was on:

k michelle twitter beef


  1. SMH. She has got to learn how to ignore people when they tweet her stupid stuff. This girl was not even worth the response. She’s probably just another bitter person who tweets dumb stuff to celebs all day to make herself feel better about herself.

  2. This was childish on both ends. K. Michelle made herself look even more insecure by telling the girl she needs surgery though. Twitter is the damn devil

  3. The girl who tweeted her is an idiot. I’m glad K went in on her too. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

  4. Honestly, neither K. Michelle or the chick who tweeted her are cute enough to be poppin off. Plus, they look stupid for arguing over looks. Birds.

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