50 Cent Shows Up to Cause Trouble At French Montana’s Listening Party at Interscope Records

french montana

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent never seems to shy away from a good rap beef. His last notable beef was with rapper Rick Ross, and the result of the beef was the revelation of Rick Ross’ past as a Corrections Officer. Of course Rick Ross didn’t allow 50’s antics to keep him from making music, like it seemingly did to Ja Rule about a decade ago. Instead, Rick Ross has gone on to be one of the most successful rap acts to date, and even has his own label and artists. And one of his artists, French Montana, has decided to follow in Rick Ross’ tracks, and also has an ongoing beef with 50. The beef between French Montana and 50 Cent stems from recent remarks French Montana made about 50 in an interview. The rapper claimed that he felt 50 ruined his own rap career by having too many beefs with other artists. He also stated that he believes 50’s beef with Rick Ross may have backfired somewhat, since Rick Ross has become an even bigger artist since beefing publicly with 50 Cent.

When 50 was notified of the remarks, he went after French Montana on Twitter. Of course, it initiated a back and fourth between French Montana, 50, and Rick Ross. 50 ended his Twitter rant by promising that he was going to find French Montana soon to ask him about the comments in person.

Well, it looks like 50 kept his word, since he announced on Twitter that he had made his way to French Montana’s listening party at Interscope Records. Upon the tweet, the meeting was cancelled, and 50 proceeded to leave once he got word that no one would be showing up. Read from the bottom up:

50 cent and French Montana

Of course, French Montana decided to find humor in the situation, he tweeted back to 50:

french montana and 50 cent beef


    1. I know man. I really do respect 50 because he knows the music game and he knows how to generate great business ventures. But this shit that he has been pulling on twitter has turned me all the way off. I unfollowed him today because he be on there attacking people and saying the most. ***In Jennifer Williams voice***** I can’t even deal.

  1. I guess. He’s so immature. But hey, it’s the end of the work day almost (for me)! Yes! I’m so ready to go home, I don’t know what to do.

  2. Now I just gave him credit for being a good business man not too long ago on here, but he’s acting like a child with some of these rap beefs. This is dumb.

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