Royce Reed is Back Dating Dezmon Briscoe, The Football Player Who Cheated on Her

royce reed and dezmon briscoe

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Royce Reed made headlines a few months ago for a very complicated romance she had with Washington Redskins Wide Receiver, Dezmon Briscoe. The two was first seen getting cozy on the third season of Basketball Wives, but ended on a sour note when Dezmon was caught cheating thanks to his baby mama ousting their secret affair on Twitter. Although Dezmon originally denied the allegations, he could no longer deny his cheating ways when text messages between him and other women began to pop up everywhere on Twitter. After being publicly humiliated, Royce eventually called it off with Briscoe even though she originally believed he was faithful, and stated that the infidelity on his end was most likely due to the fact that he is younger than her. Reed confirmed that she would take some time to be single, and even Dezmon confirmed on his account that he rather enjoy the single life as he warms up to the NFL.

Well, I guess at some point, both Dezmon and Royce decided to give things another try, despite the humiliating end. But it looks like they want to keep their relationship a secret this time around.

Royce tweeted a picture he lunch the other day and casually mentioned that she went to lunch with Dezmon Briscoe’s mother.

royce reed dezmon briscoe

And interestingly enough, she also tweeted about ho convenient it is to date someone while people think you’re single:

royce reed and dezmon briscoe


  1. Oh Royce. She really thinks her relationship failed because it wasn’t kept a secret? But he actually kept her a secret from all the girls he was creeping with. Oh dear.

  2. Royce is so naive. When a man keeps you a secret and you’re cool with that, you only make it easier for him to go out and cheat. Chile…

  3. Royce is one of those chicks that just can NOT be single. And because of that, she stays dating the wrong kinds of men. They can see her separation a mile away too.

  4. I guess she’s getting lonely now that her little stint on BBW is over. She’ll get the same result she got the first time with this dude though.

  5. He’s fine as hell. Just too damn pretty for me though. He looks like he would wear lip gloss and paint his nails clear. A true pretty boy.

  6. LOL Royce is a damn mess. She needs to get herself a REAL MAN and stop falling in love with these little boys. Being an athlete does not excuse their immature behavior.

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