Royce Reed Responds After a Fan Says She Acted Like a Bully on ‘Basketball Wives’

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Royce had her feuds.

Basketball Wives” fans remember Royce Reed‘s time on the show. Royce was part of the original Miami cast. And she had memorable feuds with Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, and Jennifer Williams. In fact, she nearly came to blows with Evelyn. This of course was during an intense conversation.

After Jennifer confronted Royce for being cool with her estranged husband Eric Williams, things went down with Evelyn.

During their argument, Evelyn called Royce a bum. And Royce called Evelyn a h*e. Then Evelyn tossed a drink at Royce and Royce returned the favor before security intervened.

Royce’s issues with the other women made her an outcast.

Towards the end of her time on the show, Royce became an outcast. Jennifer revealed at the reunion that no one wanted to film with her. At this point, she appeared to only get along with Susie Ketcham and Tami Roman.

Royce would later address her frustrations. She said, “I said I’m done in terms of sitting here trying to be friends with them, make up with them…I said I am done in terms of dealing with the bullsh*t because we are still far more than just some chicks on a stage or on a freaking show arguing all the d*mn time.”

Royce revealed why she hasn’t returned to the show.

One of the things that made Royce a standout on the show was her dedication to staying true to herself. She would call anyone out, no matter how close she was to that person.

This is one of the reasons why some fans of the show miss her presence.

When an Instagram user said they wanted her to come back a couple of years ago, Royce responded. She said, “Lol they don’t want me back. Which is fine. I’m too honest…booked and busy.”

Royce also responded when another fan recently accused her of being a bully on the show.

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