Joseline Says She’s Moving on From Stevie J. And Getting Her Own Bus

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. have had one interesting relationship with each other. And they were two cast members from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that gained a rather large fan base from the show, some of them having the “Stevie J. Rat Face” down pat, Chris Brown included. Joseline was originally introduced as one of Stevie’s artists and then things got much more serious concerning them once Joseline revealed the news to Stevie that she was pregnant with his baby, also informing Stevie’s baby’s mother Mimi Faust about it too. As for their actual status with each other, countless rumors have gone around about Joseline and Stevie, one of the juiciest gossip bits being that they were engaged to each other. The rumor was found to be false and one that Mimi saw as complete BS from jump. As engagement rumors swirled around, it was definite that everything wasn’t always all good between Joseline and Stevie, Joseline ditching Stevie as her manager and jumping on him in the therapist office. And after going on a Twitter rant about homosexuals not too long ago, Joseline had to clear things up pertaining to her and Stevie, and Stevie’s sexuality too.

Now Joseline is known for not holding anything back and letting people know what the deal is. And just as she took to her Twitter account to squash the rumors of her calling out Stevie J. for allegedly sleeping with men, she went that same route to let her followers know that she and Stevie are no longer together, warning women to never become dependent on a man:

Joseline then says that she was living the single life and that she had her own bus from now on:

And she celebrated her “first single day”, some of her followers wanting to celebrate with her:

Those who weren’t quite sure where her and Stevie stood, Joseline took it upon herself to let them hear it straight from her.


  1. Is this going to be the new “storyline” for second season? I know they start filming in the couple of weeks. I guess they are setting stuff up for the show. Because I doubt she’s really cutting him off. LMAO

  2. Whatever Joseline. At this point, I honestly think she’s just as bad as Mimi. Neither one of them seems to know how to walk away. And then she says she is single now but when was she taken or in a relationship? Stevie J. has never been committed to anyone but himself.

  3. LOL Joseline ain’t going nowhere. Stevie J. is her meal ticket. He’s pimpin her without the street corners.

  4. Oh goodness. They must be getting ready to start filming for season 2. Good. I’m bored with BBW LA and Chrissy & Mr. Jones.

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