Shaunie O’ Neal Confirms Basketball Wives LA is Getting Revamped, Cast to Be Replaced

shaunie o'neal

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Shaunie O’ Neal has had plenty of success with her Basketball Wives franchise. Unfortunately for the Executive Producer, it appears that the spin off to Basketball Wives, Basketball Wives LA, has lost its steam. As we recently reported, ratings have plummeted for the show, as the show hasn’t even been able to reach 2 million viewers, a feat it easily did it’s very first season. The reason for the drop in ratings seems to be that most people just find the show too boring to watch. And then it’s also the possibility that it is facing the after effects of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, as many feel it’s hard to get back into the show after watching Stevie J. and Joseline for the whole summer, who are way more entertaining.

When the reports surfaced about the declining ratings, Shaunie O’ Neal posted a cryptic tweet about a bad business move. She stated then that she would be revamping her failed business project. While she never confirmed she was referring to Basketball Wives LA, many assumed she was indeed talking about the show.

Well now it looks like Shaunie has confirmed that she does indeed plan to revamp Basketball Wives LA. When a disgruntled fan tweeted her about how boring the show was, he suggested that she needs to just cancel the show. Shaunie responded that while she’s not trying cancel one of her income streams, she does plan on revamping it. And we all know that when it comes to reality television talk, revamp usually means people are getting fired. And if Shaunie was cold enough to fire Jennifer Williams, Keyshia Nichols, and Royce Reed from the show allegedly, then why wouldn’t she fire the cast that people aren’t even watching?

Here’ s the tweets:

shaunie o' neal basketball wives la tweet

Sounds like that whole cast will be getting walking papers pretty soon.


  1. Oh I thought she couldn’t fire people though, at least that’s what she said they fired Jenn and all of them. Ole lying a–.

  2. Revamp? Bish, just cancel the whole damn series!!! It’s not interesting until they fight and toss bottles, so that’s a sign that this show has run its course.

  3. Damn. I honestly think it’s not the people that have gotten boring but the concept of the show itself. BBW Miami will meet the same fate.

  4. Lol at revamp. She stay firing bishes. I’m ready for VH1 to fire her a– though. It’s been long overdue.

  5. I’ve lost all interest in this show and the other one. I’m not sure what “revamping” is going to do. They can’t even get real basketball wives on the show. It’s time to move on.

  6. Yeah I think she needs to pull the plug too. I kind of wish she would go back to her original idea of having real wives on the show who owned businesses and ran charities. That sounds more interesting than what these chicks do now on both shows. I’m sure VH1 made her change a lot of things, but these shows suck terribly.

  7. We the viewers made it clear we did not want to watch boring a– Whacky Jackie and drab Gloria or her crappy sister. NOW that your not making those numbers $$ you listen. Um ok maybe you will listen to your fans next time. When they say no we don’t wanna watch that!

  8. The show is sickening & deathly to watch!! Lmao! Really, the whole shows revolves around Jackie & how crazy she is.. I meant they talk & talk & talk about one SET UP situation to death!! Like the Gloria’s house lunch OMG, everyone had to meet & discuss what happened separately & NO ONE has anything else to do or talk about! I was curious.. how this show could go on is beyond me. They aren’t genuinely interested in friendship or helping each other with positive things they are doing. The show is garbage, Shaunie is a liar she wants to be liked just like Jackie on the show.. she can revamp & fire if she wants or pull the whole show! She just doesn’t want to lose money & her income flow as she says..

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