K. Michelle Curses Out a Fan on Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

More drama on K. Michelle‘s Instagram account? K. Michelle is one celebrity who doesn’t shy away from saying what she has to say to get her point across. And that was made crystal clear as K. found herself getting into it with a few of her cast mates from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. A K. Michelle Instagram and Twitter beef ignited between her and Rasheeda with the two taking massive shots at each other on the social networks, their developing friendship turning sour towards the end of the season. K. Michelle also had an exchange of words with Karlie Redd that resulted in a table getting shook and a fork being thrown, K. Michelle leaving her Instagram out of this one.

And K. Michelle has made it obvious that she doesn’t just go at with cast mates. Posts from K. Michelle’s Instagram account have sparked several beefs between her and some of her haters as her “check em” mentality carried over to the social networks too, K. Michelle recently going off on a hater for saying her butt was fake. As K. has chilled on shading the usual people that she does, ignoring the negative comments that are thrown her way is something that K. Michelle can’t bring herself to do as she took yet another opportunity to let someone have it on Instagram.

Aside from K. Michelle using her Instagram account to drag people from time to time, K. Michelle does take moments to let her fans know where her interests lie. Recently, K. mentioned her love for classical music and playing the piano despite the image that she has.

A follower saw what K. said and appeared to offer the singer a tip about her behavior and even gave K. a compliment about her singing skills:

K. Michelle’s response?

She dragged the girl and let her know that her opinion was not asked or needed:

Regardless of what is thought of her, K. Michelle says that she will continue to say exactly what is on her mind, because she keeps it real and can’t help it if people are too weak to take what she has to say:

“You can’t get mad at me for being a real person, I’m not going to bite my tongue because people are weak.”


  1. Ratchet behavior only works for Rihanna. And her days are numbered too. The public is pissed that she’s back with Chris Brown.

  2. You know, I used to really like K. Michelle. I believed her lil story about Memphitz and rooted for her. Now I’m sick of her. She’s immature and she does not act like a mother and woman in her 30s. I can see why she never got a big break in the business. Her attitude sucks and she keeps burning bridges. K. Michelle is a reality TV star. That’s it. Bigger stars than her don’t even react the way she does to criticism. Like when’s the last time you heard about Beyonce cursing someone out for saying something she didn’t like? K. can shade classy women all she wants, but they are the ones that end up doing big things because they don’t let what people say bother them so much.

  3. For someone who claims to give 0 f-cks, she sure does respond to any and everything people say to her on Twitter and Instagram.

  4. She’s so damn insecure and it shows on a daily basis. But hey, what else can we expect from the chick who didn’t have confidence until she had work done to her teeth, booty, and breasts? I’m over her.

  5. I was trying so see if maybe the girl said something disrespectful, but I see nothing. And yall were on here defending this crazy bish too like your life depended on it in the Summer time. Remember that? LMAO!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too. K. Michelle has really lost her mind. She needs to get off of Twitter and Instagram before she loses the few fans she has left. She’s really rubbing people the wrong way.

  6. I can see right now that all K. Michelle is going to ever have is LHHATL. She’s creating some nasty karma for herself.

  7. Why didn’t she gets this gangsta when Memphitz tweeted her and went in? She was mighty quiet that day. Oh and why didn’t she go in on JR Smith when he shaded the hell out of her on Twitter not too long ago? Oh yeah, that’s right. She’s only about taking the high road when she knows she can get HANDLED. She picks the right people to curse out and argue with. She didn’t even know what to do when Rasheeda ran up on her fake a–.

  8. K. Michelle is a bird and if she don’t close her beek OR just open it to sing her lil chicken wings gonna be cut. I liked her at first but watching her on TV then seeing her childish antics unfold on TWITTER def confirms WHY someone with such a talent HASN’T made it any further than sanging at local bars!!!!!

  9. Man I agree with the chik who instagrammed K Michelle. Look, you can’t act like that and expect people to give you their best. If people feel like you’re ghetto, difficult to work with, and are always starting trouble, they are simply not going to work with you regardless if you are talented or not. I thought she would have learned her lesson the first freaking time. No one likes a loud mouthed sh-t talker, NO ONE. She better clean it up. And all this talk about being real is nothing but a cover up of her justifying her being sensitive as hell. That’s weakness! Stop letting people rile you up on bullsh-t.

  10. She is so childish and disgusting. How can anyone support this ratchet bird..yes! Rachet (best word out right now) describing hood mentality. Loud and ignorant. Wake up people don’t support this trash.

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