Joseline Hernandez Acts Like A Diva and Angers Her Fans With Cancelled Appearance

joseline hernandez

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez is without a doubt one of the breakout stars of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. The reality star is currently still enjoying the success of the hit VH1 show, but she’s been caught up in plenty of controversy since making her debut to television. According to some of Joseline’s fans, Joseline has gotten the big head due to her new found celebrity status. And not too long ago, one of her fans came at her directly on Twitter for what she claims was a rude response from Joseline when she asked her for an autograph. That situation caused a back and forth between the two, and Joseline claimed that she was unfairly attacked on Twitter for trying to have a peaceful lunch. Joseline didn’t feel like her fans should approach her for an autograph while she is eating. Many people believe Joseline was basically just acting like a diva who still hasn’t quite gotten used to being a reality star.

Well now Joseline has gotten herself caught up in another controversy that just screams diva behavior to many. According to reports, the reality star was scheduled to make an appearance at the campus of Albany State University in Georgia, but promptly cancelled once she was told that she would have to “walkthrough” on the football field during the homecoming game. Joseline was heated that she would be booked to “walkthrough” anything that wasn’t a club or red carpet event.

She took to Twitter to announce that she was cancelling her appearance and to go off on the promoter. Needless to say, fans were not happy. Read from the bottom up:

joseline hernandez twitter

To be fair, Joseline isn’t the only LHHATL star to be accused of having the big head. Even K. Michelle has met the same fate, as she was criticized recently for cancelling a performance because she couldn’t be the headline act.


  1. And why does Joseline think she’s too good to walk on a football field when she’s riding Stevie J’s bus? Should beggars be choosers?

  2. Someone is feeling themselves a little too much. When will she and K. Michelle understand that they wouln’t have been relevant without the show? They are on borrowed time and their last 15 minutes.

    1. K. Michelle is worst than Joseline though. I need that bird to fly her a– away back to the coo coo’s nest.

  3. I would NOT want Joseline on my football field any damn way. Whoever booked her was wildin! LOL. Poor Albany State.

  4. Yeah Joseline is feeling herself, but you never asked the booked celeb guest to walk on the football field. The promoter was trying to play her. He shouldn’t have asked her to do that. We had Jay-Z at my homecoming a years ago and no one asked him to walk on the football field. LOL. Just sayin.

  5. Joseline better enjoy this now because one day she won’t even be able to get anyone to book her. Reality tv stardom is very temporary. The only person who has made it last longer is Kim K. and we all know her time is dwindling too.

  6. So, what was she booked to do exactly? Say “Steebie, did you eba weely lub meh?” then drop the mic and walk off? This is a #FAIL on so many levels. I can’t even address her behavior because it was a surprise to me she was booked in the first place.

  7. why would albany state want sum1 who is not an alumni or sum1 who does not even have an education?? they can spend their money better elsewhere…not with that broad….get the owner of a small business or sum1 who actually contributes to that school……….not that skank bag ho

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