Rep Says Lil Wayne Didn’t Suffer Two Seizures, Despite Reports

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Lil Wayne suffer two seizures while riding on a plane yesterday? According to reports, the Young Money founder suffered two seizures during two separate flights. TMZ originally broke the story yesterday, and reported that on Thursday evening, the rapper’s private jet had to make an emergency landing in Texas because he was experiencing a seizure like attack. But that report was denied by Lil Wayne’s publicist, as they claimed that TMZ’s claims were blown out of proportion and highly exaggerated. According to Lil Wayne’s rep, the rapper suffered from a severe migraine and dehydration.

Although Lil Wayne’s rep denied that the rapper had any seizure Thursday evening, TMZ then reported that the rapper had a second seizure on Friday. According to this report, TMZ claims Lil Wayne had a second seizure on Friday afternoon in Louisiana. However, Lil Wayne’s rap denies the claims again, and informed MTV News that Lil Wayne has had no seizures. They also stated that Lil Wayne is resting at his home in Louisiana and getting better thanks to the encouragement of his fans:

“Lil Wayne was successfully released from the hospital after being treated for a severe migraine and dehydration. He is at home on doctor-mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love.”

Despite the denials from Lil Wayne’s reps, TMZ stands by their reports and insist that sources close to the rapper and actual hospital staff has confirmed to them that Lil Wayne suffered from two seizures.


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