Gabrielle Union Isn’t Ready to Marry Dwyane Wade

By: Taren Vaughan

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been an item for a good minute now. And despite the nasty child custody battle that Dwyane Wade is going through with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade and being called out by Siohvaughn’s mother, he hasn’t let that put a damper on his current relationship with the actress at all, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade recently getting caught having a PDA moment on Twitter. Gabrielle Union has shared her thoughts on relationships and why she believes so many women are living the single life. An in an interview that she did with Just The Fab, Gabrielle Union dished on her own relationship and spoke on whether or not she was ready to head down the aisle with her baller boyfriend and also if she was ready to have children with him. When it comes to her readiness to have babies with Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle responded by saying that she’s not there yet:

“No. I have dance on table fever um which you know, you can’t really do those things together or I think they arrest you,”

And that her “baby fever” probably won’t come until later on. In the meantime, she is just enjoying being a girlfriend:

“Yeah, I mean eventually I’ll probably get baby fever some where after, you know, marriage fever. And I’m still enjoying boyfriend-girlfriend fever”

Gabrielle says that though she isn’t quite ready for marriage or a baby, she can definitely see that in the future, her and D Wade taking things slow due to how their previous marriages turned out:

“We like each other a lot. And we both failed miserably the last time either one of us got married. So I think we’re doing it slow, you know what I mean. I think when you rush in, people got crap to say, if you go too slow, people got stuff to say. So we gotta take it at the pace that’s great for us. But who knows. I’m open to everything but right now I like saying “My boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend D Wade”. And then maybe later, you know, provided my eggs aren’t dust. We’ll see what I can cough out.”

She also added that no freezing of her eggs will be going on either. As happy as Gabrielle Union appears to be with Dwyane Wade, she doesn’t have the itch to get married or have a baby with him just yet.


  1. I wish she would find new talking points in her interview. Maybe it’s the lack of gigs she gas lately, but all she talks about now is this relationship.

  2. This tramp. I am tired of her and D Wade. They try so hard to make the public forget how they got together and most importantly WHEN.

    1. COSIGN. And the truth of the matter is, no one is going to forget how things went down. Especially when his ex wife is doing interviews on a regular basis.

  3. How do you like calling a man your boyfriend when you’re in your 40s? What a waste of time. This is why she should have never wasted all those years being a groupie.

    1. Gabby is only praised for her looks in the black community because she’s dark skinned. Meanwhile the same folks that praise her will tell you that Beyonce is overrated. But we know they only feel that way because she is light skinned. People kill me with that.

      1. I’m just trying to understand what being dark skinned has to do with anything…she makes ALL women look bad by starting a relationship with a man while he was married.

  4. I’m sick and tired of these hating a– people and all the righteous acting behavior. Please grow up. Please learn some things about yourself. Please deal with your own hate and/or rage. I love my black women but damn, please chill with the hating on Gabby Union, Alicia Keys, Halle Barry. Make your own mark in this world in a positive way.

    1. Oh my God, please shut up! First of all, learn how to spell Halle’s damn name. It’s Halle BERRY. Not Barry. And please, these women are GROWN. They made the choice to sleep with married men, and they will forever get dragged on the blogs for it (Halle has not slept with a married man). So deal! Don’t expect black women to praise women who don’t have any values. And lastly, there is absolutely no reason to be jealous or “hate” on any of these women. Gabby is a groupie with a lack luster acting career who has a long standing rep of chasing athletes more than movie roles. She is nothing but a pretty face who sleeps with married men. There’s way prettier chicks who have more going on for themselves, but you’re on here defending Gabby? LOL. And then there’s Alicia Keys. The pimpled and butch chick who can’t sing worth a lick, but knows how to suck and f-ck well enough to break up a marriage. I can’t even say she’s pretty, but she can barely get any buzz on her new music. Again, she’s no one to be jealous of. People don’t like these females because they have no morals and are very overrated. So take your preaching somewhere else. There’s many of us doing big things who aren’t famous, but you’re busy standing on a soap box for these two whores. Get a clue.

      And for the record, Michelle Obama is the only black woman I feel anyone should be jealous of. She’s a first lady and her man is sexy and smart as hell. He runs the country and handles his business. He also treats his woman with respect. He didn’t break any vows to be with her either. You’re caping for the wrong chicks.

      1. And I cosign with you 100%. They are basic chicks doing basic things like homewrecking because they can’t get their own man. LOL at these Gabby stans.

  5. I usually don’t leave responses I just like to read them. But I just had to respond to this post, I am so sick and tired of people calling a woman a “Homewrecker” there is no woman alive no matter how beautiful can wreck a marriage unles the man allow her too. I think everyone is directed there anger towards the wrong person! Dwayne is the one that wreck his marriage when he cheated on his wife with Gabby and probably countless others! He and he only is responsible for the demise of his marriage so when if you want to call somebody a homewrecker lets start with the Dwayne Wade and the Swiss beatz of the world!

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