Joseline Confirms Stevie J. is Her Pimp And Shows off the Fur Coat He Bought Her

joseline hernandez

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez  and Stevie J. are still going strong, or at least still keeping up appearances. After tweeting about a breakup just last month, Joseline seems to have made good with the man who has made her a household name and made her a star thanks to a stint on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Although Stevie J. was supposed to be in a serious relationship with his on and off girlfriend of 15 years and baby momma Mimi, it still appears that Joseline is getting more of Stevie J.’s attention. Of course this does make Mimi look foolish to most, but Mimi still claims that Stevie J. really isn’t that much different from most men, since she believes all men are cheaters. Meanwhile, Joseline is enjoying the perks of still riding on Stevie J.’s bus, especially since she’s might end up having some money troubles, as we recently reported that she is currently being sued for cancelling an appearance on the campus of Albany State because they asked her to walk around on the football field.

It appears that there are numerous advantages (at least in Joseline’s world) to riding on Stevie’s bus. And one of the appears to be shopping sprees, handbags, and now fur coats.

The other day on Twitter, Joseline bragged about the new fur coat her “Daddy” Stevie J. bought for her. She even uploaded pictures of the gift and bragged about Stevie J.’s giving ways:

joseline hernandez and stevie j

stevie j and joseline hernandez

Of course there were some that just found this behavior cute. And I’m not sure if this was shade or not, but one of Joseline’s “fans” tweeted how they wish they could have a pimp just like Stevie J. in their life too. Joseline took that as a compliment:

joseline and stevie j

And this caused nothing but drama because all hell broke loose after that:

joseline hernandez and stevie j


  1. Joseline has no respect for herself. What grown woman calls a man “Daddy” that isn’t her damn daddy? It’s sick and pathetic. Yeah you’re a bad b-tch because you damn sure ain’t no real woman.

  2. That “fur coat” looks like it came out of Rainbow. It looks cheap as f-ck. And Stevie J’s broke a– can’t afford to be tricking. Not even on his own h-es.

  3. Shouldn’t he be spending that money on all the kids he has? He has a whole football team of kids. He’s being stupid.

  4. A fur coat…really? newsflash, gone are the days of a woman needing a man to buy her something. Then brag about it..wth. We’ve moved on joseline. You wanna brag…show me a home you purchased, and established ira, hell just show a car you actually purchased yourself. SMH, maybe she didn’t get that memo that we (women) don’t do this anymore

  5. I dont understand why all of these comments so negative…If she wants to brag on a FUR coat he brought her why can’t she???? Please tell me WHY YALL MAD!! Don’t blame her for his dumb ways If I was her I would take it to…Oh and by the way the coat looks nothing like it came from Rainbow if you know the quality of fur you would know that this coat is far from the Rainbow rack!@Serena what difference does it make if she didn’t purchase a car all by her lonely she got it and it belong to her so she OWNS it so that means it’s ALL HERS!! And when & where did the MEMO come out that US as women don’t want a MAN to purchase us NICE things Please tell me what STATE you live in cus I will NOT be moving anywhere near it! Nobody said that we are not INDEPENDENT nor did they say that she was BUT I KNOW IT’S HER RIGHT TO ALLOW A MAN TO FURNISH HER WITH LAVISH GIFTS!

    1. Instead of looking at this from a general view, look at it as it specifically pertains to Joseline and Stevie J. Yes, gifts are nice. Yes, as a woman in a healthy relationship we’d want the man we care for to SHOW his love and appreciation; be it tangible or intangible. However, this “relationship” they have is unhealthy, unstable, and unrealistic. To each his own darling… If in Joseline’s shoes, you’d take the gifts from a man whom you KNOW is a cheater and womanizer with little to no chances of committing to you or settling down? Go ahead. I just think that there are women on this blog that have experienced life and love and know that there’s more to it than flaunting a fur or other lavish gifts. That’s all.
      Is the negativity you see on this thread called for? Maybe not. But praise and applause definitely isn’t either. I think that’s the overall point. Relax. It’s just life.

    2. Chile please have a whole stadium of seats. You missed the biggest part of this whole post. And that is that Stevie J. is Joseline’s pimp! She calls him Daddy and a young girl told her on Twitter that she wishes she had a pimp like Stevie, in which Joseline took as a compliment. What the hell is wrong with you?! I’m glad these comments are negative! Joseline is nothing but a whore who has to rely on a man to keep her bills paid. And the man paying her bills is an idiot with way more issues than any woman should tolerate. Joseline deserves no praise or sympathy on here. Our little girls need to learn how to take care of themselves so they won’t have to be anyone else’s property or prostitute. And when a real man comes along, he will respect her more than Stevie J. respects Joseline. If you are impressed by this, you need to raise your standards. These two are nothing but trash and I’m thrilled 99% of the people on here have enough sense to see that. And yes, Stevie J. bought her the cheapest and lesser quality fur coat of the whole store. He’s not even making THAT much money. Reality starts don’t make a whole lot from VH1.

      Take care of yourself until a REAL MAN comes a long. Not the Stevie J’s of the world!!!!

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