Ciara Shades 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Daphne Joy, But Daphne Isn’t Impressed


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara has already made it pretty clear that she’s single and for the most part, she claims she’s happy her exes have moved on and settled down with other ladies. In her more recent interviews. while she won’t confirm who her song very emotional “Sorry” is for, many have speculated that the song is about 50 Cent. And this is a logical assumption considering that Ciara has been secretly dating him on and off for a few years. But although the two may have had the history, things just didn’t work out, and 50 is said to have moved on to a new chick. And the new chick is some an urban  model named Daphne Joy.  Ironically, many people find it pretty dirty that 50 never claimed Ciara in public, but he seems to be going out and about with Daphne in public and red carpet events.

Perhaps Ciara noticed that too because she shaded her on Twitter last night. Or perhaps Ciara saw the photo Daphne posted on Twitter, an interesting shot of her posing  in what many are speculating is 50’s Bentley.

daphne joy 50 cent

To make matters worse, Ciara “stans” instigated things even more once Daphne posted the photo, which eventually led to Ciara throwing shade on Twitter.

Starting the beef off, Ciara shades through some classic Aaliyah lyrics :

ciara daphne joy beef

Ciara’s stans insitigate:

ciara stans twitter

“Turnt up,” Ciara shades yet again:

ciara and daphne joy beef

Daphne Joy claps back and lets Ciara know she wasn’t moved by the shade:

ciara and daphne joy beef


  1. Sigh. Ciara please move on baby girl. I always thought she could do better than 50 anyway. He’s such a douche. Let this smut have him.

  2. Si is CiCi trying to say she’s got a hold on 50? Because he never really claims her. Doesn’t she want to be with someone who wants people to know they are with her? IJS.

  3. LMAO. Of course Daphne isn’t phased, she’s getting all 50’s money and attention right now. She think she’s winning. But he’ll kick her to the crib like all the other ones. I think he’s really gay honestly.

  4. 50 isn’t even worth it. He has Twitter beefs on a regular basis. Ciara, for the love of God please move on.

  5. Ciara is just as thirsty as Daphne is and she really doesn’t have to be. 50 ain’t no damn prize. Let that whore have his a–.

  6. First of all Ciara looks so pathetic. She claims 50 is afraid of being in love with her. You can’t make some one love you or want you the way you want them too. It doesn’t mean he is afraid of you, he just doesn’t want you.smh. Ciara is a stalker. She had 50 and lost 50. No body knows what the real deal was that separated them. I do believe that 50 may be in some kind of contact with her for her to act this way.Oh and about that fun girl statement she made, Ciara you were once a fun girl also. You showed off you shoes, bages, drove his cars, etc. the same thing Daphne Joy is doing. Only difference is he was seen in public with Daphne(I guess you miss being a fun girl. lmao You may think you are more classier then Daphne Joy but you both are on the same level when it comes to 50. If you think by all this public announcing that you LOVE him will bring you back together it won’t. You look dumb. Also it is obvious you are using this love mess to sell. If you didn’t use him, you would (and probably will) have another flop. Grow up. Your 27 not 17. Your 401k now belongs to Daphne Joy. :):)

    1. PREACH. We all saw 50 tricking off on Ciara, but now she wants to call Daphne out about it when she used to be enjoying the same perks.

  7. So…how’s that new album coming along? Shouldn’t that be her main focus. If she gets her career on track, she’ll have better options than 50 Cent. IJS.

  8. Daphne looks better than Ciara, but she just looks like a gold digging whore. She must not know she’s on borrowed time too. I think 50 prefers men.

  9. Actually 50 never claimed ciara or daphne and I dont think 50 deals with daphne like that anyway especially ever since she tried to come in one of his videos and he gave her an ugly look cause he dont want no pics etc with her and ever since him and floyd stop chillin so has him and daphne,daphne was only around cause of floyd fiancee shantel anyway.Anyway I think ciara tryna get him back and daphne tryna act like she still with him even renting cars to make it seem like its his anyway both chicks frauds and desperate lol.

    1. He may not have “claimed” Daphne, but he definitely did more with her in the public than he did Ciara. She went to events with him and everything. And no, she’s not renting a car and faking anything. She still messes around with 50 and that’s why Ciara is the one throwing shade and Daphne isn’t thinking about her. The obvious loser here is clear. If she wasn’t with him, Ciara wouldn’t be subtweeting her.

      1. Yeah I remember he did that last yr though but not this yr lol,but yeah im sure daphne deals with him sometimes and ciara is mad cause its not her no more damn she jelly she need to get a life lol.

    2. I don’t care who he claims…I think the man is GAY. He’s shown more affection to Floyd Mayweather in public than either of these chicks. They’re both stupid. Date a straight man who won’t hide your relationship from the public ladies!

      1. You would probably think he was gay even if he was f-cking you. Apparently ciara doesnt think he’s gay and she knows a lot more than you.

  10. PLEASE…he don’t claim daphne either she just goes out her way to drop hints via twitter and instagram to show they a couple hell back in MAY on fighthype he looked her up and down like he’d beat her down when she walked in view of the camera…50 is an old school player and don’t plan on settling down with no one

    1. That doesn’t make Ciara look any less stupid. And 50 is not an “old school player.” He’s a DL rapper who HATES women. He deserves no props.

  11. Ciara fans are really stupid. Daphne has done nothing to Ciara to cause her fans to hate on her so much. It’s just plain stupid, high school-ish and petty. And if Ciara throwing shades as well, then she is just as stupid as her fans.

  12. Come on dont hate on 50 just because he doesnt want ciara. In an recent interview with howard stern he didnt claim dahpne neither he only said they was friends. I honestly think 50 wanted to settle down when ciara wasnt ready and now she is ready and he doesnt want her no more. I am a 50 fan and he truly does not look or show any signs of being GAY! And to Megan the reason he may have cared about floyd more than these petty females is because they were close before the fame and remained as close brothers. Obviously yall dont know the streets and 50 says b-tches are next reason to get hit.

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