Joseline and Stevie J. Endorse President Obama and Cause Outrage

president obama

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. are getting a little political. The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta stars have made their political beliefs public, but they opted to do it in a rather interesting way. In a Youtube video which was uploaded on Friday, Joseline and Stevie J. announce that they support the President, and they encourage everyone to get out and exercise their right to vote. However, at many times, it’s not clear if the video is really about endorsing President Obama or endorsing a fashion line they talk about more in the video than they actually do the Presidential Election. Though they make a few mentions of about The President, most of the video features Stevie J. and Joseline showing off pieces from the Louis Stewart fashion line. And honestly, the whole video was just kind of odd. It honestly just seemed like a paid piece for the fashion line.

It’s clear that Stevie and Joseline want to make some money, but many are outraged that they are mixing something as serious as the election with the over promotion of an urban fashion line.

Then of course, many are just frustrated that Joseline and Stevie J. are getting involved in something so serious as President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Disgusted with the endorsement and the rather interesting video, many took their complaints to Twitter:

stevie j. joseline obamastevie j. joseline obamastevie j. joseline obama

Watch the “endorsement” below:


  1. Why? These two are really overexposed. I’m sure the fashion line thought this would be a great way to get publicity but they just seem just about as tacky as Stevie and Joseline for doing this.

  2. Why are these two so overexposed? I’m tired of seeing and hearing about them. Yes, I loved the show, but at this rate everyone is going to be tired of them by the time the show comes back on. I wish they would sit their dumb a–ses down somewhere.

  3. This is just embarrassing. I don’t want them anywhere near Obama. They are great for reality TV but they don’t need to play around with politics. This is serious!!!! I know they want to make money but they should have declined to do this.

  4. This video makes me to never want to buy this company’s product. I also hopes the Obama campaign sues them for using that logo.

  5. These two are annoying….PERIOD! Why they’re even putting President Obama’s name in their combined’s disgusting. Do us a favor you pathetic excuse for human existence….don’t use our President’s name for your selfish gain. Just don’t. Thanks.

    P.S this video should be removed

  6. Did they even vote??? SMH. I didn’t know if I was supposed to get the message to go vote or get the message to go buy a purse! They need to quit it!

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