NeNe Leakes Shades Kenya Moore and Her ‘Security’

nene leakes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore are expected to clash something major this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And just a few weeks ago, some gossip blogs claimed that the two would eventually come to blows on the show because they really can’t stand each other. Although both ladies tried to play down the rumor on their Twitter accounts, by the looks of some of the promotional clips, it does appear to be some kind of altercation between the two by the middle of the season. And it’s most likely just a power struggle, since both of the ladies have the strongest personalities in the cast. And just recently, Kenya Moore pretty much said that NeNe doesn’t scare her, and she’s ready to throw down with anyone on the show that tries her.

We’re only one episode into the season, yet it’s clear that most of the ladies will be throwing shade on Twitter on a pretty regular basis.

The other day, some of NeNe Leakes’ fans tweeted her about Kenya Moore, and NeNe shaded her in her own “classy” way.

Kenya Moore is the former Miss USA, but she’s not winning over many RHOA fans since she’s coming off pretty nasty and smug on the show. The most outrageous thing she’s done so far is hire bodyguards for her stint on the reality show. I guess even NeNe Leakes thinks that’s too over the top.

NeNe tweets:

nene leakes and kenya moore beefnene leakes and kenya moore beef

And if you’re expecting NeNe to put Kenya Moore in her place, don’t hold your breath. NeNe seems to think she’s too good to beef with Kenya Moore on television:

nene leakes and kenya moore beefnene leakes and kenya moore beef

Kenya Moore still thinks having her own security is a must. During the first episode, she says she’s too much of a public figure to walk around without a bodyguard, especially since “people are crazy.”


  1. Kenya is dumb as hell for getting on this show. She’s ruining her legacy by the lack of class she has on there. I hope the attention was worth it.

  2. Kenya is such a hypocrite. She has no room to talk about someone’s crack being exposed when hers was exposed in Smooth Magazine about 10 years ago.

  3. Maybe Kenya needs a body guard because she needs someone to keep her from getting her a– kicked. She does talk a lot of sh-t.

    1. “RHOA > All the Basketball Wives!!!!!” >>>>>>>>> COSIGN! And it’s because we actually get to see them DOING THINGS. They have careers!!! They own businesses. They have drama with one another! It’s the perfect balance. All those birds do on BBW is argue and go out to dinner/fight. It’s boring!!!

  4. I can’t stand Kenya already. But she’ll make the show. Someone has to be the most hated and it looks like it will be her this season.

  5. I think this season is going to be good. Kenya is ratchet enough to create the drama it needs. I will admit, her attitude is too nasty for me to like her though.

  6. Kenya is so delusional. WTH does she have a body guard for? Who the hell even remembers who she is?! I didn’t. I can’t stand her…already!!!

  7. Kenya is pathetic and don’t realize that beauty has nothing over ignorance. All this time no husband I wonder why? If Jay Z can catch the subway without security and he has a real status what does that clown need with security. She should have known Walter wasn’t down with marriage when he started coughing when she brought it up.

  8. I always thought Kenya was a beautiful lady. However, as previously stated by others, the attitude she displays on RHOA is ruining it for her, in the Black world anyway. Maybe someone in the film industry may be impressed. After all the ugliness she portrays, she does it well.
    Now, I love me some NeNe but she does tend to hate. I believe 99% of it is in fun, she has a great sense of humor. But the hate on Kim is 100%. She needs to let it go. NeNe has come into her own, the hate on Kim does not look good on her. It looks like the big green-eyed monster. As Khandi would say, rise above it!

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