RHOA Beef: Kenya Comes For Cynthia’s Modeling Resume, Then Cynthia Drags Her

rhoa cynthia and kenya beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for a fifth season. And as usual, there’s already plenty of beef and sides are already being chosen. Just one episode into the season, it’s clear that former Miss USA Kenya Moore has a knack for rubbing her fellow ‘housewives’ the wrong way. Before the season even started, it was rumored that NeNe Leakes and Moore even come to blows. NeNe and Kenya down played the rumors on their Twitter accounts, but later on in an interview, Kenya makes it pretty clear that she has no problem knocking NeNe upside her head if need be. Regardless, NeNe won’t be the only one she ends up having beef with. During the season premiere, she and Cynthia can’t seem to get along during a modeling call for Jet Magazine.

During the scene, Kenya is seen being quite rude to the young ladies who show up for the modeling auditions. The comments began to make the rest of Cynthia’s staff uncomfortable, and she pretty much pisses Cynthia off with her behavior. Cynthia kept it classy, but she shaded her during her one on one with the camera. Out of all the ridiculous comments that came out of Kenya’s mouth, it seems like the most annoying thing about Kenya in Cynthia’s opinion was the fact that she felt the need to bring her own bodyguard to the auditions.

To be fair, Cynthia wasn’t the only one who found it ridiculous that Kenya has security, even NeNe hilariously questioned it on her Twitter account. But some fans of the reality hit found Kenya’s need to have security absurd, especially since many claim that had no real idea who she was before the show.

I guess Kenya took offense that people found her comments rude and her bodyguard unwarranted because in her recent blog, she rips her “haters” and Cynthia to shreds for having the “audacity” to not know who she is and what her resume reads.

Kenya blogs:

“Why does Kenya have security when no one knows who she is?” First of all, I wouldn’t need personal security if Cynthia didn’t recruit randoms via Craig’s List or Twitter. Secondly, it’s obvious Cynthia does not read, watch television, and has been under a rock when I exploded on the scene years ago. I made history being crowned the second black woman to win Miss USA and I was fifth place in The Miss Universe pageant. Let me refresh hers or anyone else’s sluggish memory…

If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. I’m also that girl whose been on the covers of and modeled for over 30 magazines from Essence to Real Health to Maxim magazine. In fact, the very audition she held for the Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week, I was chosen as a Jet Beauty. I also have a Jet Magazine cover. Do you have a Jet Magazine cover, Cynthia? NO, you don’t. Additionally, I’m that girl who has had multiple endorsements including my very own Pantene hair commercial, print ads, cosmetic campaigns, as well as numerous fashion layouts. Yep me. However, models usually retire around 30-years-old. Even though Cynthia is a beautiful woman, at 45, maybe Cynthia should retire her dusty old wigs and worn out makeup brushes that are just as worn out as her welcome mat from the modeling industry.

Ms. Bailey also takes a shot at me by saying she “wouldn’t be caught dead doing some of the magazines I’ve done.” Well guess what, Cynthia, if you were on the cover of any of the men’s magazines I’ve appeared on the cover of, we’d all die, because we would be bored into a slow and painful death just by looking at you. In fact, I’m bored now just by thinking about it.

Now as a reminder to Miss Bailey, since my successful modeling career and crowning, I moved on to enjoy other accomplishments in my career, such as becoming a popular actor, producer, director, writer, author, and businesswoman. Maybe Cynthia should move on too. #Twirls Away

And of course Cynthia, the queen of “reading folks” claps back in the only way she knows how. Like a boss:

Now let’s get to it! I don’t really know Kenya, but we do have a few friends in common. However, that does not make us friends. A mutual friend connected us, and when we spoke on the phone, Kenya could have not been more kind and gracious. Even though I had heard that she was as crazy as a road lizard, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I pride myself on being the kind of woman that embraces other women and will give anybody a chance. In conversation, I mentioned to her that I had a JET casting coming up, and since she didn’t seem to busy doing anything else, I invited her to come and be a judge. She immediately jumped at the opportunity and could not thank me enough for the invite. Although we spoke on the phone, the JET casting was my first encounter with Kenya face to face. So let me refresh everybody’s memory of some of the things Miss USA had to say:

Kenya: “I’m not trying to be the mean girl, but why are you here?”
Cynthia: If you are not trying to be the mean girl, then don’t be. Just shut up and judge. That’s the only reason I invited you in the first place. To answer the second part of the question, the girl was at the OPEN CALL because it was exactly that, an OPEN CALL. That means all were welcome to come and try out. Better question? Why were you there, Kenya? I’m sure being such a big public figure, and a top actress/director/producer you had thousands of movie/TV jobs that you could have been working on. And let’s not forget your busy “butt” modeling schedule.

Kenya: “Is that a man? I was looking for the Adam’s Apple.”
Cynthia: And who’s not trying to be the mean girl again?

Kenya: “Is this strip club Jet or regular Jet?”
Cynthia: Is this strip club Kenya or regular Kenya?

Kenya: “Why is Cynthia so comfortable, this is her agency, people are coming off the street looking a hot ass mess?”
Cynthia: Why are you so comfortable to come into my place of business and act a hot ass mess?

Kenya: “Ass crack and couchie crack is inappropriate at an audition, and I am offended.”
Cynthia: Calling people bitches, disrespecting me, my school, and my staff, being nasty to the girls trying out, embarrassing me in front of my client, JET, and showing me no appreciation for including your “couchie crack” in the first place is offensive to me, so I guess we are even.

Kenya: “Couldn’t they stop at Target and get an appropriate swimsuit?”
Cynthia: Couldn’t you have stopped at church and had an exorcism before you came to the audition?

Kenya: “Who are you and why are you talking to me?”
Cynthia: Who are you and where is your dermatologist?

Kenya: “Cynthia just mimicked everything I just said, it’s as though she didn’t have an original thought in her mind. There is a possibility that Cynthia is a little intimidated by me.”
Cynthia: Mimicking everything you said, no one asked your thirsty ass to say anything in the first place! I had the original thought to open up The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, which you should be thankful for. I created a door for you to walk through, and without that door, I would not be speaking about you right now. Did you catch it? Intimidated by you? There is no reason for me to be intimidated by you. You have nothing I want or can’t get. You are delusional.

Kenya: “My criticism is meant to help” blah, blah, blah.
Cynthia: Help who, you? Putting people down to make you feel superior is very sad.

Kenya: “I am a public figure, I always need security.”
Cynthia: On what planet? You don’t need security, you need a hug.


Just in case you missed it, here’s the clip of the beginning of the beef between Cynthia and Kenya:



  1. Kenya keeps on talking about her resume, but if she was “all that” WTF is she on the show? Girl have a stadium of seats.

  2. Kenya’s attitude is so stank! Nobody cares that you were Ms. USA in like 1993! Girl it’s 2012, and you’ve done nothing since. And that’s why you don’t need security.

  3. Kenya was too over the top. It didn’t take all of that to choose a model for Jet magazine out of all mags. It’s not like it was Vogue and she’s Anna Wintour or somebody. She might have had a crown, but she still has no class.

  4. Kenya is really full of herself. People aren’t supposed to know who she is. Yes, she made history as the 2nd black Ms. USA, but WTH it’s a damn beauty contest/pageant! It’s not like she started a multimillion dollar business or changed society in some major way. So no, we shouldn’t know you and your bodyguard is unnecessary.

  5. LMAO!!!! Cynthia read the HELL out of her! She made Kenya’s little blog seem juvenile and extremely PETTY. I can tell Kenya is going to make herself look a like a real fool on this show. I hope her reputation (the one she thinks she has) was worth it! Millions of people are seeing how nasty you act now Kenya.

  6. Actor? Kenya boo, all your movies go straight to DVD and you usually have to finance your own bootleg films. You don’t get “real roles” for “real movies.” Your model career really just consists of those covers you got for winning Miss USA, it’s not like you (or Cynthia) ever had careers like Tyra or Naomi. You’re not as great as you think you are dahling.

  7. Did she call her “Miss Bailey?” She knows Cynthia is married, she’s just jealous that she is STILL single. All you have is that old a– title Kenya! Let it go, it’s not the 90s anymore!

  8. First off I’m sad Kenya is acting like this maybe it’s all show. I had an opportunity to meet her while Houston a few years back and always complimented humility. But I guess on BLACK HOLLYWOOD it changes ya. The fact Kandi has to let eeeeeeverybody know she paid cash for her house and Phedra chiming in doctors and lawyers live in the community ( I can name a few bankrupt docs and lawyers so your point) I have not like Cynthia’s attitude following up behind NeeNee but hey that’s her BFF so what you expect. Also, I will co-sign on the fact that Cynthia has had a legitimate modeling career for ages… I’m just able to put a name with a face since RHOA… Everybody does not have to go Hollywood and stay in front of a camera to stay they were not an established model. Tyra mega boss because she chose that path Naomi been in print more bad than good. BOTTOM LINE I HATE BLACK WOMEN ACTING IN THIS MANNER it’s just whack!

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