Joseline Hernandez Keeps Stevie J. in Check

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. have both continued to bring the drama even during the off season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The two recently caught some heavy backlash for their public endorsement of President Obama during his run for re-election. And Joseline herself has had her share of Twitter wars with former fans and lawsuits, being accused of letting her LHHATL fame go to her head. As far as Stevie is concerned, Joseline has gone back and forth with him on many occasions, even went as far as jumping on him in a therapy session and hopping on and off his “bus” whenever he pisses her off, it now looking like she is back on it for the moment. Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. have had their share of heated arguments with each other. But some wonder how far things have ever gone with their shouting matches. Throughout the first season of the reality show, we peeped Stevie J.’s pimp-like antics and how reckless he talked towards Joseline on a regular basis. Yet some viewers often wondered if that was where he drew the line. Mimi Faust has denied ever being physically abused by Stevie J., clearing up some confusion that arose after a mug shot of Mimi with a bandaged forehead hit various media outlets. When it comes to Joseline though, fans of the show were still in search of the answer to that question. When one of her followers on Twitter asked Joseline about whether or not Stevie ever put his hands on her, Joseline promptly responded:

Stevie J. might come out of his mouth sideways to Joseline from time to time. She made it clear though that he has never gotten physical with her and what would happen if he ever did.


      1. Rihanna obviously doesn’t care that Chris whooped her a–. That’s why she took him back. She’s not a victim but a really dumb female. So I have no sympathy for her anymore. She’s game. #shrugs

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