Alicia Keys Didn’t See the Point in Marriage Until Swizz Beatz

alicia keys and swizz beatz

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz may be happily married now with an adorable son by the name of Egypt, but they did not necessarily begin their relationship without a little controversy. Numerous reports suggested the couple began seeing each other while Swizz was married to up and coming singer Mashonda. And Mashonda told her story for months in which she alleged that Keys had continued to date her husband secretly although Mashonda repeatedly asked Alicia to back away so they could work on their marriage. Til this day, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys deny any wrong doing, and Swizz even claims that he and Mashonda were actually separated and over when he and Alicia began their romantic relationship. Mashonda still stands by her side of the story and even claims she was under the impression that she and Swizz were working on their marriage although they were separated, while he was meeting Alicia Keys at hotels in Atlanta and various major cities for romantic rendezvous.

Fast forward to now, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are married with a son, and they have managed to pull the controversy with Mashonda behind them. All 3 are said to have a civil relationship with one another, as Swizz and Mashonda have managed to peacefully co-parent their kids together from their failed marriage. Alicia seems to also be in a happy place, as she continues to speak out on how great marriage has been so far. So it was a little surprising to hear that the singer didn’t always feel so good about marriage.

In a recent interview, Alicia Keys admits that she did not always want to get married. In fact, she did not really see the point in it.

She tells Britain’s Culture Magazine:

“Being married is huge because I always said I would never marry. I just didn’t think it was necessary. I always thought that if you love someone, you love someone. You can live together, you can experience life together, you can be dedicated to each other, but you don’t have to be married. I didn’t see the point.

‘You know when you know’ started to make sense to me. And I knew (I wanted to marry my partner).”

In related news, it’s being reported by TMZ that Swizz Beatz is having some major tax problems. In 2010, he’s said to owe $98,246.18 in unpaid taxes from 2010, plus $2.6 million he owes in federal tax leans.



  1. Looks like Swizz and Alicia are finally getting that karma she was singing about. That fool owes millions in taxes. Damn.

  2. He owes how much?! No wonder he left Mashonda for Alicia! He’s having money problems and needs someone to help him pay.

  3. I still don’t see what she sees in this fool. He has money problems and is a notorious cheater. Let’s not even bring up the fact that he looks like a big a– tropical bird. Ugh,

  4. It’s always the people who don’t see the value in marriage who have no problem sleeping with married people (other people who don’t value marriage).

  5. This world is so damn immoral. Shacking up is not the business. If you loved each other, marriage should be the option. But I’m sorry, other than Alicia being extremely talented, I don’t think that much of her ever since her being a homewrecker. I have lost major respect for her since then. I can’t get over that. That was so wrong.

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