Alicia Keys Urges Parents to Allow Sons to Paint Nails and Dance

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Alicia Key’s latest album didn’t do so well commercially, but she’s still in full press mode.

She is featured in the latest issue of Allure Magazine and had some pretty interesting comments about gender stereotypes.

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  1. I think parents should be as supportive as possible as kids figure out who they are but Alicia is just saying this for PR. She’s so self righteous and annoying now.

  2. I wish I was on Alicia’s team because I would tell her to cut out this self righteous image she has going on and get back to the music. Yes, her mage took a hit after she was outed as a homewrecker, but she still had enough fans to sustain herelf after that. But now? Nah. Nobody cares about her no makeup gimmick and no one cares about her we are the children gimmick either. It’s just made it hard to like her. People loved her back in the day because her music was good. Now it’s mediocre and people have to suffer through her self righteous interviews left and right. Time to talk less and go back to the studio Alicia.

    1. I think Alicia is done and she will never be as successful as she was. She was singing about women empowerment, but was sleeping with a married man the whole time. So people felt she was fake and wearing no makeup after she finally got her skin clear while pretending it’s some deep thing just cements that she’s still fake. People are turned off.

  3. I wish she would shut her fake a-s up. She always tries to pretend she’s so damn deep and wholesome and wise but was out here f-cking somebody’s husband on some bird sh-t. F-ck out of here.

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