First Week Sales Projections Released for Alicia Keys’ Album ‘Here’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fans of Alicia Keys were hoping her new music would send her back to the top of the charts, but the projections for the first week of sales for her latest album aren’t great.

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        1. But it’s delusional though. I don’t like her still for what happened and many others feel the same way. Alicia lost a lot of fans. People buy music all the time even if the music isn’t all that good. Alicia flops now because she’s lost a lot of support. I also don’t support Fantasia for the same reason. Oh well!

      1. Umm I care and won’t support anything she does. Her image of being some strong, woman supporting person was fake as hell and now it’s clear that she’s pretentious as all get out. And for that reason, she gets none of my coins. Is it petty? Possibly. But the situation just made me not like her anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

        1. From what I heard so far, it’s a solid album. Likability is one of Alicia’s biggest obstacles right now. The whole no makeup thing did come off pretentious.

          1. Why do you care so much that I don’t like Alicia Keys? Here’s the thing…it’s MY money and I don’t have to support and spend MY coins on anyone I don’t like. I save my coins to support the ones I do like. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand and that’s how the whole fandom thing works boo. That’s why Alicia did and continues to do so much damage control with Mashonda. She wants the public to like her. But I’m grown enough to understand everyone may not think like me and that’s ok. Try it sometimes. But help your girl out and buy that album lol. Have a great Monday. ☺️

          2. Wow a simple question turns into you being so defensive. I never said you had to like,nor support her. Basically everyone ( including you) don’t like her because of her personal life chiices, so I wanted to know why that bother you and others so much. #Thatsall

  1. I’m not feeling this new and improve Alicia Keys. She needs to hook back up with Krucial Keys, so she can get that old thing back.

  2. Alicia’s career ended when she got with Swizz. From the cheating and Mashonda mess, to how badly he’s affected her taste in music. It’s been over for her albums ago. Plus she sounds terrible live and people don’t care for her vocals.

  3. I think people have been done with Alicia for years now. She’s had too many horrible live performances plus her personal life has also turned a lot of people off.

  4. I remember when Alicia’s fans used to come on here and drag anyone who brought up Mashonda or said they weren’t feeling Alicia’s new music anymore. What happened to those stans? LMBO.

  5. There’s a few reasons this album is flopping. I think a lot of people realized Alicia wasn’t the great singer they thought she was when she first started, and that’s just a result of multiple poor performances. She also does have somewhat of a holier than thou attitude, and she didn’t even drop it after Mashonda put her on blast. So because of that, she doesn’t seem authentic to people, so they aren’t wanting to buy her music anymore. I remember that interview she did with Jet about the situation. She basically said Mashonda was lying and being a bitter betty and Mashonda had to put her on blast again. They may be cool now, but people still remember that. Now add all that drama and bad performances to the fact that people don’t like to buy albums anymore, and will only buy albums if they are loyal fans. In other words, Alicia is in serious trouble.

  6. Only a few people can sell albums now. And Alicia isn’t one of them anymore. She can try to get back with her old producers but I don’t think she will ever have big numbers again. Alicia and Usher are in the same boat. Their best days are sadly behind them now.

  7. When Meek is pulling in double your numbers and he’s been getting pounded in the media for the last year, you’re in serious trouble. She needs to stick to not wearing makeup, cuz that’s all she’s known for nowadays

  8. I’m not surprised. None of her singles took off and no one seems to care about her anymore. The music business is tough.

  9. No surprise. I’m one of the fans she lost. The cheating scandal played a part, but more important than that, her music isn’t the same. The Element of Freedom was her last decent piece of work, and even that was incomparable to her older albums.

  10. I’ve noticed most women are pretty unforgiving of women who sleep with married men. They don’t really ever forget it. Alicia could have helped her case if she put out really good music though.

  11. She can’t sing. She can’t perform. She did a really good job hiding those two facts earlier in her career so people thought she was better than she is. Now the truth is out and people aren’t excited about her anymore. It happens. If her music was banging like Rihanna, people would look past the fact that she can’t sing, dance or even perform.

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