K. Michelle Threatens to Whoop A** During Performance

k. michelle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle is known for her quick temper and verbal thrashings that she gives any of her cast mates and critics. The singer quickly became one of the leading stars on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta because she spent a lot of time beefing with her cast mates, but in the end, it would be her one liners that quickly made her surge in popularity. But K. Michelle doesn’t want to just settle for reality television stardom, she actually wants her current popularity to repeat itself in her music career. Before landing the gig on the show, K. Michelle was relatively low key and not on the radar that she needed to be to become a successful R&B star. So now that Love And Hip Hop is on the back burner for now (Season 2 won’t be filmed until early next year according to reports), K. Michelle is focusing solely on her music career.

She’s been busy doing a lot of shows, putting out more mix tapes, and she’s even claimed on Twitter that she is currently working on a studio album. Her fans have been happy to support her in both efforts, but as always, her haters still have a knack for grabbing her attention.

During a recent performance, while on stage, K. Michelle felt the need to put a critic in their place by threatening to “handle them” in the middle of a performance. Apparently the person was there to see her perform, but was tweeting insults to her the whole time.

K. Michelle says:

“Yall listen up. There’s a motherfcking ratchet queen here talking sh-t to me on Twitter. Let me tell you something about me, I’ll have those choppers and those missiles at your house. I don’t care how much money I make, how much money I get. I still don’t do no disrespect. I’ll take off my heels, snatch off my lace front and whoop your a–.

So whoever your punk a– is in the corner, I’ll have you bring your a– up here so I can do it.”


Watch the verbal beat down here:


  1. LOL, this fool here….. I mean seriously though why would you come to her show just to critize her every move on Twitter, you should have just stayed home!

    1. Cosign! That’s the thing I don’t get about her. She says she is so strong but it really doesn’t seem that way. She’s always going off on someone. She needs to get it together. I think people go after her because they know they will get a reaction.

  2. Who the hell goes to a show and tweets the performer the whole time hate tweets? You paid money to see someone you don’t even like? Lame.

  3. I about died when she said she would take off the lace front wig and heels to kick her a–. She’s so damn ratchet and ridiculous. LOL

  4. I understand that it was rude and stupid for someone to come to show to hate on Twitter, but there’s a way to handle things like this. Part of being famous is criticism and plenty of hate. People have said worse things about bigger stars like Beyonce and Michael Jackson, but they didn’t take the time out to respond to every criticism. They got even with success. K. Michelle is coming off real annoying, insecure and ghetto. She shouldn’t have time to check all of her mentions. She’s not doing something right if she does.

    1. I actually have to agree with you. K. Michelle may not have what it takes to deal with hate. And you have to have tough skin to deal with the negative side of fame. She’s not ready for prime time.

  5. It’s not that hard to block someone on Twitter and keep it moving. I thought she said she doesn’t even have time to look at her mention anymore. I guess that wasn’t true.

  6. One day someone is going to take K. Michelle up on the offer and whoop her little a–. She needs to stop acting like she can’t get seen about.

  7. But she was on her phone during the performance tho? C’mon son. K. Michelle is her own worst enemy. At this point, her story doesn’t even matter. She’ll do more damage to herself than Memphitz and whoever else could EVER do.

  8. I used to be a fan but she tries too hard to be “hard” and “real” now, and really, it’s just annoying to me. I don’t need my R&B singer to be ghetto and hood. I just need her to know how to sing and make good music. I don’t know who she’s trying to target anymore, but it’s not the people who will actually go out and buy albums.

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