Stevie J. Puts a Hater in Their Place

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Stevie J. dragging people on his Twitter account now too? Even though Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is not set to air on VH1 again until next year, Stevie J. has been making major urban blogs on a pretty consistent basis. And his name has been dropped in several times in some of Joseline Hernandez’s Twitter rants, Joseline accusing Stevie of being a drug abuser and having sexual relations with other men, something that she has hinted at before from her account and later tried to clear up the rumors. Stevie’s behavior on the hit reality show has left him with a lot of fans yet it has also left him with a lot of haters too who sometimes come after him on his Twitter page, a follower of his recently having something to say to him about his extended invitation for ladies to get on his infamous bus so they can have a “great life” , the same one that Joseline can’t seem to make up her mind about being on or not. The woman saw Stevie J.’s tweet about his bus and tried to play him about it. Stevie responded by dragging the woman for having something smart to say.

Stevie’s invite tweet and the woman’s response to it that got her dragged:

Now we know that some of his other cast mates see no problems slaying their haters on the social media platforms. And apparently neither does Stevie J.




  1. I see he’s still sexist and rude to women. His bus is like a Marta Bus to me. You don’t get on that damn thing because you want to. You just ride it until you can upgrade into your own car. Even Joseline hopped off.

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