K. Michelle Gets a Record Deal

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle has had many trials and tribulations as she pursued her love of music, but it appears all her struggles and disappointments have finally paid off.  The R&B singer and reality television star of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta got a new record deal today and she has officially signed with Warner Bros. Records. K. Michelle’s new record deal comes during a time when many have written the singer off for an industry failure who many considered to have a little too “unpolished” of an image to make it into commercial success. Then there’s that whole situation with her ex boyfriend Memphitz, an A&R executive she claims was abusive while they were romantically involved. Whispers suggest she could have possibly been blackballed for her situation with Memphitz, as it was clear on the show that she had burned some bridges when she was let go out of her last record deal with RCA Records.

But a resilient K. Michelle stayed focused, kept making music, and built a solid fan base with her mix tapes. And it appears that all of her persistence paid off, as she has a deal and now is set to record a studio album that will be released Summer 2013.

Excited about the new deal, K. Michelle took to her Twitter account to share the great news with her fans and her loyal supporters.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):

k michelle new record deal

Congrats to K. Michelle.


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