Chad Johnson Isn’t Fazed By Groupies

By: Taren Vaughan

Chad Johnson is one celebrity that is known for doing a lot of tweeting from his account. From posting random pics of himself on vacations to photos of him chilling with barely any clothes on, he is one who holds nothing back from his 3 million plus followers that he has on the social media network, one thing that that many of them like about him. While Chad keeps his fans updated on what he has going on personally and professionally, the NFL wide receiver has had his doses of Twitter drama as well as former wife Evelyn Lozada got into it with another one of his groupies, the woman annoying Evelyn with her excessive tweeting of insults to her. An even more interesting tidbit about the incident is that Chad himself tossed his own shade to the groupie for trying to “expose” him. As all of this went down on Twitter, other things are going on in Chad’s personal life too. Reports have been surfacing about Chad Johnson’s baby’s mama trying to take him to court for slipping on his child support payments, Chad not being the only NFL star currently facing this problem. As the rumor mill has been churning about Chad Johnson supposedly being a deadbeat father, his fans asked him if his business being put out there for everyone to know was bothering him at all. The way Chad put it, there is nothing new about what is being cycled throughout the media:

Inquiring minds also wanted to know about all the photos that the groupie posted of him and why he even let her take them in the first place. Chad responded by retweeting the person with a picture and video of himself, showing in his own way that he has nothing to hide:

As some celebrities claim that they don’t care what people say and think about them, Chad Johnson apparently could truly care less about people’s opinions or thoughts about him as he puts his own business out there anyway.


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