K. Michelle Says a Good Man is More Important Than Good Sex

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle is known and adored by her fans for not being one to hold her tongue and keep her opinions to herself. And she usually makes her thoughts known on her social networking accounts, as well as in the bulk of her interviews. Of course K.Michelle’s raw attitude can be a cause of controversy (and it usually is), as it has caused fiction with some of her cast mates as well as other reality stars. But those pesky beefs and Twitter spats haven’t managed to silence the reality star any, especially when’s she on an emotional high from the recent good news she’s received regarding her signing a new record deal and of course nabbing the front cover of King Magazine’s December issue.

K. Michelle has also been extremely transparent about her love life, which she makes very clear has been a pretty rocky one. On the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, she alleged that she was in an abusive relationship with Memphitz, who was handling her music career at the time. Memphitz denies the accusations, and K. Michelle has dated since the end of that controversial romance. She briefly dated NBA player J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks, but that ended terribly when one of her friends called him out on Twitter for entertaining groupies. Of course, things got ratchet quickly in a series of tweets.

Now that the romance wit J.R. Smith is over, K. Michelle has made it known that she is happily dating again, but the reality star refuses to reveal who her new man is.

However, she still gives her honest opinions to her fans on men and relationships. And when one of her fans asked her what she would do if a good man was bad at sex, but great at everything else, she tweets:

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K. Michelle makes an interesting point. Could a good heart be more important than good sex? What say you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Why can’t we have both? A person can be taught to be better in bed. If he’s not very good, teach him how to do what you like. I ain’t faking for no damn body and it ain’t rocket science to give an orgasm to a woman.

    1. COSIGN X 10!!!! Women should NOT have to fake being satisfied sexually. We should be getting satisfied on a regular basis! We deserve that and it’s our right. Too many times society belittles a woman’s orgasm and it’s just not fair. Every man should seek to make his woman climax without a toy.

  2. She’s right but not completely right. Sex isn’t just for men, it’s for women too. A vibrator can only do so much. Women need to get actual orgasms and satisfaction from a man. It strengthens their bond and keeps her happy in the relationship. Good sex makes for happy couples. So you shouldn’t leave a man if he’s not good at sex, but work with him on making him better. I know I did with my man and he is a good one. Patience pays off.

  3. I understand what she’s saying but my problem with this is that she’s kind of saying that a woman’s orgasm isn’t as important as a man’s. And that is just not the case. Both men and women NEED to be pleased sexually. So I agree with the others who say women need to be willing to teach their partners how to satisfy them if they are struggling to do so. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

  4. Truth! Man I’m at the age where I just don’t care as much as I used to about sex. But what I really do care about is being treated right. And that is hard to find!

  5. Hell I fake it til I make it. LOL but I love my dude! I’m slowly showing him what I need though. Real relationships thrive off honesty and communication, so it’s probably best to just be real and improve things.

  6. I agree and disagree. You shouldn’t leave a good man because he’s wack in bed. But you should DEFINITELY teach him a thing or two.

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