Lil Wayne is Ready to Get Married Again

lil wayne

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne has had plenty success in the music industry, but unfortunately the rapper’s success hasn’t always been replicated in his love life. Lil Wayne married his childhood sweetheart and now reality television star Toya Wright several years ago, but the former couple divorced two years after exchanging vows. Although he never remarried, he’s gone on to have 3 more kids and 3 baby mommas. Despite his on and off romantic relationships with each, he’s managed to peacefully co-parent with his ex-wife and baby mommas successfully. He’s also rumored to have a new love, as the gossip blogs have speculated that he is currently romantically involved with a young woman name Dhea. The alleged couple has also been said to have somewhat of an on and off again relationship, as there has been whispers of some drama involving groupie issues.

Well the couple must be on good terms again because rumor has it that they are currently engaged to be married. And in a recent interview with MTV News, Lil Wayne says he’s actually excited to walk down the aisle again.

When Sway Calloway asked him about marriage and whether or not he could see himself settling down in the near future, Lil Wayne says:

“Yup. Yeah, man, yup. Happily married too.”


Lil Wayne even jokingly expressed how enthusiastic he is to have another wedding:

“I’ll probably run down the aisle. I’ll probably slide into the preacher like it was home plate.”


  1. I think Lil Wayne loves love. He’s always engaged or getting someone pregnant. I think he should just stay single and keep dating.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with settling down but I don’t think it will last long for him. He seems to change his mind too frequently about the women he dates.

  3. It won’t last. He’s a Libra man and they don’t handle commitment well because they get bored too fast. They really just love challenges and new booty. IJS.

    1. I totally agree. I’ve been in “serious” relationships with 3 libras and they all cheated. But the funny thing about them is they really do love you and they would do anything for you, but be faithful!

  4. I low key wish it had worked out with him and Toya. I like her better with him versus Memphitz. Something is off with Memphitz.

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