Wendy Williams Talks Her Past With Drugs & Says Husband Inspired Her to Get Clean

wendy williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams’ drug past is no secret. The controversial radio personality and now television host has always been frank about her reckless past , as she frequently admits she relied on drug usage and heavy partying to get her through as she tirelessly pursued a successful career in radio. Although Wendy has always been known for never holding back her true feelings for celebrities, Wendy struggled with the pressure to remain controversial. But it would be her controversial approach to radio that would bring in the ratings and eventually, help her land her own daytime television show. However, Wendy admits that drug use could have not only ruined her career but also could have taken her life.

Wendy Williams used to be addicted to cocaine. But as she reflects on that now, she realizes it made her who she is and she doesn’t have any regrets. She tells In Touch Magazine:

“I was in deep. I wish I hadn’t put my life in jeopardy, but I have no regrets because it’s made me who I am today, and I’m proud of me.”


Wendy also claims that she would party hard on the regular, yet continue to show up to work the next day.

“I was a functioning addict. I’d work from 3 in the afternoon until 7 at night, get off and party until 7 in the morning — then sleep until 2, go to the radio station and do it all over again. People around me knew, but nobody ever said anything to me. Nobody had the guts, which is shocking to me.”


Although no one close to Wendy had the courage to try to talk her out of her former dangerous lifestyle, it would be meeting her now husband of 15 years Kevin Hunter that would be the motivation she needed to give up drugs and an unhealthy lifestyle:

“I never had [a breaking point]. Right around my 30th birthday, I met my [future] husband. The habit was not breaking me, so I could’ve gone on and on, except I was falling in love with this guy. Every time I walk through the double doors of my studio, I feel like I won. Even if it’s all over tomorrow, I won.”


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