50 Cent Says He Has No Love For the Homeless

50 cent

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper 50 Cent has always been a controversial artist. And that’s mainly due to his outspoken nature and the many beefs he seems to have with other rappers in the industry, and now most recently, his former BFF Floyd Mayweather. But when 50 Cent’s not making headlines for his many beefs and Twitter showdowns, it’s what he says in his interviews that leaves many scratching their heads. Although 50 Cent hasn’t had much success lately in the music industry, his business endeavors have been extremely successful. Perhaps his success has made him a little insensitive to those who are unfortunate because his recent comments about the homeless were a little bit on the offensive side.

In a recent interview with Details, 50 Cent discussed his thoughts on the music industry, his image, his many beefs, and also his successes as a business man. 50 has some pretty harsh feelings for those living on the streets with signs begging for money.

He says:

“In the environment that I grew up in, you have people who are extremely religious and people who are extremely intoxicated and trying to forget the pains. It’s about figuring out how it feels under circumstances where you’re not a winner. When I see somebody with a sign, I don’t give ’em anything. I don’t give a f*ck. You stand out there waiting for someone to put something in your cup? Sh*t, I’d be on a chain gang before I’d be standing there like that.”


50 also discussed how he feels about the current state of Hip Hop. When asked if there’s any rappers out that he’s currently feeling, he says:

“I don’t know . . . Unfortunately, we don’t have people who are coming into the culture who have those colorful lives and stories. But we do have a new wave of creativity, new energy. You don’t have to come from the situation that I came from to get that excitement. Kanye had a hit record saying, “Wait till I get my money right,” and I had a hit record saying, “I get money.” So while he’s saying wait till I get there, I’m saying I’ve already got there. And they’re both hit records.”


The rapper also addressed his hard image. 50 Cent seems to think that the aggression of his first album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has made it hard for people to ever see him as passive:

“I realize that because of the aggression on my first album, for the general public, that’s who I am. Period. Like now, when people appreciate Mike Tyson, they go, “Oh, he’s funny!” When he was a fighter, everyone only saw him in war mode. It was a dead-serious situation, conditioning himself to where he feels he wants to kill his opponent. And that’s the mode I was in.”


And when it comes to beef, 50 says the biggest misconception people have of him is that he starts the beef. He says most of the problems he’s had with other people weren’t started by him. He also gets very irritated with the interviewer for asking him about Ja Rule and Rick Ross:

“You don’t know how to have an interview without bringing another artist’s name into the conversation? I don’t give a f*ck about those people. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m starting situations, when it’s other artists trying to start with me, to allow them to move up in notoriety. If you do that sh*t too much, people file defamation-of-character suits.”


  1. I get what he was trying to say, BUT that was still very insensitive to say. He could very well end up homeless himself. Things happen.

  2. Another arrogant famous person. Do they NOT know how to not look like jerks in their interviews and Twitter accounts?

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