Alicia Keys Admits She Was Stressed Before She Got Married & Talks New Album

alicia keys girl on fire

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Alicia Keys doesn’t hide the fact that motherhood has changed her whole perspective and outlook on life and her music career. In fact, it’s this observation that inspired her to title her new album Girl On Fire. Keys credits the arrival of her son Egypt as the new found surge of boldness and clarity in her life. But she also admits that prior to motherhood and becoming a wife to Swizz Beatz, she had not really found herself, and she was extremely stressed out because of it. And this moment of uncertainty is what she feels she needed to eventually gain some perspective of her life and singing career.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Keys explains her moment of darkness and reveals why she was so stressed before marriage and starting a family.

She says:

“I did a lot of soul-searching before I got married and had my family. I was stressed and I was all over the place then. I might not have seemed that way because I was good at hiding it but I was all over the place. Now I’m glad to be in a place where I feel more clarity.”


Alicia also admits that it was meeting Swizz Beatz that made her realize what was important in life:

“It wasn’t until I met him that I saw how important that time with friends and family really is. I’ve always put work first and it’s when you’re at your happiest you actually create your best work. And he has been the person to show me that.”


She also discussed her album, Girl On Fire, and says she approached this album differently than all the others:

“I started writing this record three months after Egypt was born. I was trying to figure out where to go and how to express what I was feeling. I started slowly of course — there’s no other option with a young baby to care for, but I enjoyed my pace and it felt right. I wanted to write good songs and started to figure out how to do that rather than worrying about production like I usually do. My focus was simply on writing a great song.”


Girl On Fire is available now.

In related news, Alicia also confirmed that Miguel will be joining her on tour. The tour kicks off in March.


  1. Of course she was stressed, she was sleeping with someone else’s husband. I mean, it’s got to be tough to know that your husband was a husband when you started smashing him.

  2. I wish she would stop acting so fake. There’s nothing cute about her marriage. Especially since she had to break up his current marriage to have him.

  3. Wait a minute. This bish is lying again! She just said in another interview that she met Swizz when they were both like 16. Now she’s talking like they just met a couple of years ago. Yeah, I definitely believe Mashonda when she says Alicia is a home wrecker. She can’t even keep her lies consistent.

  4. Whatever. I’m tired of hearing her talk about Swizz all the time. They have no respect for Mashonda and that’s not cool.

  5. I’ll give it to her. She talks about Swizz like he’s not the cheating dog we all have heard him to be. Kudos on her acting skills.

  6. Aww yall need to leave Alicia alone. The only thing she owes anyone is good music. She’s not perfect but it’s time to move on from the Mashonda thing.

    1. Well then she’s a huge disappointment in that arena as well. Girl on Fire is undoubtedly the worst single she’s put out in her entire career. Quite frankly, if that’s the result of her “clarity” and finding herself, she might as well hang it up now; and this is coming from someone that used to be a major fan of hers. So womp womp. Personally AND professionally she needs to find the nearest seat and sit it down.

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