K. Michelle Defends Her Spread in King Magazine

k. michelle king cover

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle was recently announced as one half of the King Magazine cover for the publication’s reality television issue (Brooke Bailey did the double cover). Although it was perceived as good news to many, and perhaps even an honor, not everyone was happy about the spread. Apparently, some of K. Michelle’s fans feel like doing a spread in King Magazine undermines K. Michelle and makes it harder for people to take her seriously as an artist. This is a concern to them, especially when K. Michelle just recent inked a new record deal with Warner Bros. And as it’s been reported here several times, K. Michelle does not hold back her feelings on her Twitter account. On several occasions, the R&B singer has gotten a little ratchet and put her critics in their place. So when one of the singer’s fans expressed their disappointment of the singer committing to a spread in the sultry publication, K. Michelle made her feelings quite clear.

Although K. Michelle showed her sexy side for the spread, she feels that it won’t take away from her talent. In fact, she feels like it shouldn’t be a big deal to her fans since other artists have done spreads for the magazine as well.

Peep the exchange below:

k. michelle twitter

Were we the only ones that giggled a little?


    1. Because it’s not real. There are pictures of her from like last year and her butt was nowhere near that big. Her butt doesn’t even look natural on her body. For some reason, it’s taboo for black women to get work done on their butts. So most of them that do will never admit it. But if she got all that work done to her teeth,breasts, etc., her butt would most likely be somewhere on the list.

  1. Just for the record, you can achieve a nice round butt by working out in the gym. Ever heard of squats, lifting weights with your butt, elliptical?! Working out with weights build muscle and that includes in your buttocks. Joseline and Phaedra from RHOA spoke of this as well and it is very possible. I do it myself and have seen a tremendous lift in mine so her butt does not necessarily have to be fake!

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