Kenya Moore Gets Dumped By Walter for Up and Coming Singer

kenya moore

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Kenya Moore and Walter break up? And did Kenya Moore get dumped by Walter? Kenya Moore may quote her resume and flaunt her former title as Miss USA every opportunity she gets, but the former beauty queen won’t really feel like she has it all until she has a husband a baby to flaunt around in front of the other housewives. In between all the time she spends beefing with Cynthia  Bailey and most notably Porsha Stewart, she also has spent a few episodes this season dating a young man in Atlanta by the name of Walter. On screen, many can sense that the chemistry really isn’t there (at least on Walter’s end), and even Moore’s aunt calls her out for picking and dating men who just aren’t a good match for her, especially where she is in her life. Kenya has made it very clear to Walter that she is ready to settle down and start a family, and just from what is visible on the cameras, Walter didn’t seem interested in being a part of any of those plans, at least not with Kenya.

Welp, Instagram is becoming one of those places that spills the tea and spreads the rumors faster than the blogs can. If the social network is any indicator, it seems like Walter has moved on from Kenya and the latest gossip in Atlanta is that the former beauty queen was dumped by Walter after he figured out he really had a thing for an up and coming Atlanta singer named Christon Ingram instead. Apparently, Walter has been hanging out with the singer real heavy all over Atlanta, and even Kenya knows about it. Whispers suggest though Walter did eventually man up and come clean with Kenya, but he’s chosen to “follow his heart” and date the up and coming singer.

Kenya however is still being tight lipped about the situation, and is simply telling fans (and Wendy Williams) to keep watching the show to see what happens with her and Walter. But we think it’s pretty clear now that these two are over.

Check out the Instagram photo that got everyone talking and confirmed the gossip that been circulating for the last couple of weeks in Atlanta:

kenya moore and walter break up


  1. There was no chemistry between them. When she said they had been dating him on and off for two years, I really didn’t believe her. I think this was all just for the cameras. It has to be…nothing about it seemed real.

  2. He wasn’t all that serious about her from what we could see anyway. Something about him just didn’t sit well with me.

  3. Eh, Kenya came off too strong and kept throwing her biological time clock in his face. That’s the best way to lose a man.

    1. Exactly! He’s also younger than her and that’s just not what he wanted at the time. She needs to date men who are older and more interested in having kids and getting married. She needs to leave these young guys alone.

      1. How old is Walter? because he doesnt look all that young. Anyway, Kenya gets whatshe deserves, her manner is disrespectful and rude. I really find her to be insecure. She doesnt act like she won Miss USA, she acts like she won Ms Crown Royal or Miss I AM THIRSTY

  4. I never liked Walter for her. Something about him just didn’t sit well with me. Something about him was off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. But yeah, she’s a little too old to be dating guys who aren’t serious. She’s going to have to step her dating game up and date better men.

  5. I’m sorry, this is funny to me! The signs we in Kenya’s face but she ignored them because she’s letting her desperation show. Get it together Kenya. The young ones ain’t always the best ones.

  6. Is anyone surprised?? She is 41 yrs old, BEAUTIFUL, successful and she is a rude insensitive person who thinks her looks will continue to get her by. She is bitter and jealous oh let me not forget BOSSY…she didn’t even let Walter woo her she was acting like the man making her demands like she is a 25 yr old beauty queen. She needs to take a real look at herself on this show and try to pinpoint WHY she obviously CAN’T KEEP a man….(shrug shoulders) I guess BEAUTY AND BOOTY don’t help in this case….damn shame!!!

  7. Porcha im glad you didnt stoop to her looser level…ur soo beautiful shes just mad thag shes getting older amd has,nothing nene right shes Fake…just blow her off…

  8. Kenya yo old a-s knows better you are making a mockery out of ur old a-s title of mss usa
    Detroit wouldn even have ur a-s back from the way you represent yourself. Stop hating on
    Everything that does not showcase your dried up a-s. WOMAN UP!!!!

  9. Walter is soooo disgusting he is not a man!!! He was obviously using Kenya to get with the ‘in’ crowd hence him walking in at Cynthias party and going straight over to the men…she should never have given him the time of day!!!

  10. I love Kenya and think she was a bit over bearing at first but maybe was misunderstood. She’s a beautiful woman and Walter is a duck who didn’t deserve her.

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