Wendy Williams Says Beyonce Talks Like She Has a Fifth Grade Education

wendy williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams wasn’t hated by many in the music industry during her controversial radio days for no reason. The now daytime talk queen has made a name for herself by basically saying whatever she feels like about big time celebrities. Then there’s her signature interviewing style (she’s calmed it down now for her show) which consists of an intrusive questions that can also serve as insults to whoever has the courage to grant her an interview. One of her most controversial interviews to date would be the one she had with Whitney Houston, and it’s said that the interview went so bad that it has left Wendy with plenty of guilt since the legendary singer’s passing earlier this year. And even now, it’s been speculated and rumored that Williams has a hard time booking black celebrities on her show because a lot of them can’t get over all the nasty things Wendy has said about them when she had her big time radio show on Hot 97.

Now that Wendy Williams has her own daytime talk show, she’s learned how to master the art of shading since she can’t necessarily be as vicious as she was on radio. So now when Wendy wants to take shots, she does it by mixing compliments with insults. Her recent comments about Nicki Minaj started off with her taking stabs at her low album sales but following up with how great her perfume line was going to do.

So it’s no shocker that she has some snide comments for Beyonce too when she mentioned that the singer has a documentary with HBO in the works.

One of our lovely readers left this little goodie in our inbox (you guys rock, thank you). During the show on Wednesday, after informing her audience of the documentary, Wendy then proceeded to take shots at the singer’s speech. Wendy feels like Beyonce has the speech of someone who didn’t make it past the fifth grade. But of course she started off the diss by mentioning how huge of a Beyonce fan she is.

She says:

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna watch her upcoming documentary because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”


Wendy and Beyonce’s beef goes way back. There’s always been gossip that Wendy burned bridges with Beyonce during the Destiny’s Child era. Apparently while interviewing them on her radio show, she felt the need to keep referring to the rest of the girls in the group as backup singers, and that just didn’t sit well with Beyonce, especially since the group was going through all that drama with replacing the original two girls who were kicked out the group at the time.

It’s been said that Beyonce made up her mind then that Wendy would never get another interview with her, so Wendy’s requests to interview the star when she first became solo were turned down. People have always gossiped that this made Wendy furious, as she feels that Beyonce took the interview too personally, so Wendy’s resorted to taking shots at Beyonce ever since. They even say Bey’s momma Tina has even approached Wendy and told her to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. But it’s rumored that the beef is a two way street, especially since Beyonce didn’t appreciate Wendy for dedicating 10 minutes of her show to attempting to prove that Beyonce’s baby bump was a fake.


  1. Beyonce may talk like a 5th grader, but you look like a man and married a woman beater who makes passes at your assistant. Does your husband even have his own hustle yet? Sounds like neither one of you are in a well enough position to take shots at the other.

  2. But she wasn’t lying though…Beyonce has only 5 words in her vocabulary. And that is beautiful, inspiration, strong, love, and satan. #shrugs

    1. Yet, she still has more money than you and Wendy combined with that 5 word vocabulary. Isn’t that the real reason you’re mad?

    2. You dead wrong for this! HAHAHAHA – You forgot amazing… Every thing is amazing. I like some of Beyonce’s music but she’s so matter of factly.

  3. And a 5th grader could do Wendy’s job, so what’s her point exactly? I got a damn degree and Beyonce and her whole damn family are doing better than I am. College is overrated. And Wendy went to school and still had to sell her damn soul to make money. She talks about people to pay her bills. Please…

    1. I really agree with you girl. I appreciate my degree, but it did put me in debt. If Bey was able to create a fortune without college, I’m happy for her. I think a lot of people are just jealous and I can understand why. She pretty much has all a woman wants out of life and people hate that about her.

  4. I like Wendy but she is so damn messy. All of this because Bey won’t give your dusty a– an interview? Suck it up and move on.

  5. I have a degree but people who have degrees kill me when they put down people who don’t have a college degree. There are wealthy people and entrepreneurs out here that didn’t go to college! Hell, some of them didn’t even graduate high school. But they were smart enough to create wealth. And Bey may not have an impressive vocabulary, but she’s no idiot. She has created a damn near billion dollar empire that started off with a singing career. It sounds like to me Wendy is just jealous and still mad about what went down years ago. Bey’s daughter is going to be straight and I wish I could do the same for my own kids when I have them. Don’t hate Wendy.

  6. Wendy can take as many shots as she wants to take, she will NEVER get an interview. That’s why she can barely get people to go on her show now. Ole manly looking self.

  7. Wendy really can’t talk too much about other people. Her life was and still is a mess. If people got the real tea on her marriage, she’d be embarrassed. Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

  8. Beyonce is beautiful, talented, sweet, wealthy, and has man who loves her. I’d say she’s doing pretty good despite talking like a 5th grader. #StayMad

  9. Eh, who cares if Bey talks like an idiot? Her resume shows that she’s not. No shade to anyone on here or myself (lol) but she gets up every morning and does what she loves. Then she’s wealthy as hell and so is her husband. Her whole family never has to worry about money again because she’s loaded and she even gave her family members JOBS. She didn’t go spend all her money on some dumb mess, just to go broke 5 years into the business. She is smarter than most people out here who have to get up every morning and work some mundane job they hate and get paid less than $40,000 a year. Just sayin. It’s not always about someone’s education level. So let’s get off that. Wendy JUST started making money and her bank account can’t even compare to Bey and Jay’s.

  10. Wendy cant talk either.. and she looks like a man. I have to agree with Wendy though. Beyonce talks like a child and she”s soo overrated.

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