Beyonce’s Fans Go After Wendy Williams For Recent Diss

By: Taren Vaughan

Wendy Williams is no stranger at all to controversy as the radio personality turned talk show host is known for dishing out celebrity gossip, putting her two cents in, and stirring up her own drama too all at the same time. And has had her fall outs with celebrities including Beyonce’ Knowles, the rumored beef between the two dating back to Bey’s years as a member of Destiny’s Child. And with one of her most recent shows, Wendy got under many people’s skin as she took a major shot at one of music’s most loved and talented singers in the game at the moment. Live on her talk show The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy made mentions of Beyonce’ and her new HBO documentary that is coming out. And during her spill about Beyoncé’s new project, Wendy called the superstar singer out , saying that Beyonce’ talked like she has a fifth grade education, but not before claiming that she is a fan of hers. Barely minutes after Wendy’s comments were heard, Beyoncé’s fans, who she lovingly refers to as “The Bey Hive”, started buzzing out of control, feeling that Wendy’s words were very disrespectful. And as Wendy is probably used to celebrities and their fans coming after her for talking reckless, her mentions on Twitter were ripped to pure shreds by some of Beyoncé’s most loyal fans. And let’s just say they had absolutely no mercy when they dragged the talk show host, even bringing her son into the insults that they threw at her:

Some of them kept her family out of it but went in on her looks instead:

The slaying continued as more Beyoncé fans continued to go in on Wendy for her diss:

(Read from bottom to top)

We have seen other stans go HAM on people for talking sideways about their faves. Yet “The Bey Hive” though may have taken things to a whole new level with their dragging.

In related news, Beyonce’ seems to not be as worried as her fans are about Wendy’s diss. She attended one of her sister Solange Knowles’ shows and uploaded a photo of Solange’ performing on stage. Beyonce’ added a special note to the picture, applauding her sis for a job well done, expressing how proud she is of her.



How sweet.





  1. Wendy Williams should just give up the hate against Beyonce, one of these stans are going to check her in real life one of these days and post the video to WorldStar.

    1. Girl bye. You obviously do not love Bey if you’re consigning Wendell’s hating a–. Beyonce can talk, she just has a heavy southern accent! People kill me trying to fake like they love Bey when they are really just jealous of her success. She has more success and money than YOU and Wendy combined. Now stay mad!

      1. First of all…your name is “King Bey” so you are OBVIOUSLY one of those stans I spoke of…Secondly, I’ve been a fan of Beyonce’s since the VERY FIRST Destiny’s Child album with the ORIGINAL four (Latavia & Letoya) so I know ALL ABOUT BEYONCE from the JUMP & have ALL her albums…3rd How can I be jealous of her success? I’m not an entertainment…I was HAPPY when she married Jay-Z & had Blue Ivy…Wendy stated FACT & I agreed…Beyonce’ DID NOT graduate from high school and does NOT talk the best in interviews…You need to get a life of your OWN & not worry about what little ol’ me says about Beyonce’ SMH

        1. Girl do NOT come for me. I did not even READ you YET. Let me make this clear for you, crystal clear. Wendy does not like Beyonce. Their beef goes way back. She was not stating facts, she was hating as usual. But if you’re such a Bey fan like you claimed (liar) you would have known that. I am tired of fake fans like yourself pretending you like Beyonce only to turn around and praise people who try to to her down. She minds her own business and at least tries to be a role model unlike most of the singers out here today. So yes, I’m a FAN/STAN for a black woman who works hard and at least wants to be a role model. And I don’t care if you think I shouldn’t be.

          She talks fine and carries herself like she has some class.

          And you little evil child, I have a life. My own life. If you’re so busy why are you responding to me?! I can be happy for other women without hating on how the next woman talks! You should try that. If you support Wendy’s unnecessary and rude remarks about Bey, it says a lot about who you are and where your miserable behind is in life.

          Who cares if Beyonce didn’t graduate high school?! She made up for all of that with all she has achieved in her career. Her whole family is going to be good while you cosign Wendy and make fun of how she talks. Can you say the same? You lose. Instead of criticizing how she talks, create financial freedom for your family. It’s not easy to do, and Beyonce has done it! It’s easier to go to school, get a degree,be broke, and get a low paying job and talk properly. What Bey did is way harder and most will never do it. But a lot of people go to school. LOL.

          Education does not equal success! Drive and talent does!

          Now you’re dismissed. The next time you come for me, I can’t promise it will be civil.

        2. I subscribed to this post…LOL I know, sad. But I just wanted to ask you LaPorsha, why does it even matter how she speaks or whether or not she graduated college? She’s a hard worker and didn’t deserve the nasty comments Wendy made about how she talks. You must be part of the “elite” and educated population who looks down on people who don’t have degrees. Have you all not learned that degrees mean nothing? Even Bill Gates dropped out of college and become a billionaire because he understood that it wasn’t required for success. Your response sounds a bit arrogant, so I just had to ask.

          And yes, I have a degree. I just don’t agree with how the educated put down those who don’t have education. It’s absurd.

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