Wendy Williams is Not Backing Down From Beyonce Diss

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams made headlines when she told her audience that Beyonce talks like she has the education of a fifth grader. The diss came out of nowhere as the talk show host was informing her audience and viewers of Beyonce’s upcoming documentary on HBO, and it left many people outraged. Now Wendy did try to simmer down the booing in the audience by telling them she was a very big fan of Beyonce, but as we recently reported, that couldn’t be anything further from the truth. In fact, Beyonce and Wendy’s beef goes way back to Wendy’s days at Hot 97, when she rubbed Bey the wrong way during a Destiny’s Child interview. According to multiple insiders, it would be that interview that would ruin any future chances for Wendy to interview Beyonce after she became a solo artist. And it’s been said that Wendy took that personally.

Since making the comments, Wendy’s mentions on Twitter have been pretty ruthless. Beyonce’s stans or the Beyhive as she affectionately refers to them, took to Twitter to let Wendy know where they stand on her comments. Most of the tweets were pretty nasty, with some of Bey’s biggest fans taking shots at Wendy’s looks and even her son.

And even despite being blasted by bloggers and other journalists, Wendy doesn’t seem to be backing down any from the statements. In fact, Wendy’s acquaintances told the NY Daily News that she has no plans to make any apologies, and that’s simply because she feels what she said was the truth.

The sources say:

“It’s blowing up on Twitter, but there is no bad vibe, to be honest. It’s like nothing ever happened.

“She says how she feels and she’s always been incredibly honest in her life. She’s a huge Beyoncé fan. Wendy doesn’t think anything of it; it’s everyone else who does.”


  1. Who made Wendy the queen of everybody’s business? Let that girl speak how she wants last time I checked she’s still prettier and has more money than Wendy.

  2. Ok Wendy, don’t apologize. Keep acting like it didn’t happen. But at the end of the day, you have a show and you need celebs to come on there. They see how big your mouth is and more and more of them won’t be going on your show.

  3. Wendy is a very nasty person. You do not have to tear people down to be a talk show host. Look at Ellen. She’s funny and people love watching her show. She gets way more views than Wendy does! She’s only turning off more celebs from going on her ratchet talk show. She’ll be cancelled in 2 years tops. God don’t like ugly and Wendy’s ugly twice, on the outside & inside.

  4. She doesn’t have to apologize because I doubt Beyonce cares either. She’s way more successful than Wendy will ever be and seems to be very happy in her life. Wendy seems miserable and that explains why she acts the way she does. The best revenge is success and genuine happiness. Bey has that on lock. 😉

  5. That’s fine. Just be ready for all that karma that’s coming for how you did Whitney, Bey, Method Man and every other celeb you did dirty. You may have a talk show now, but you’re not safe from karma. Trust.

  6. She won’t apologize because it’s deeper than the “truth” like she says it is. If she was a real fan and “loves” Bey, she would have apologized. But because she’s not and does not like Beyonce, apologizing is not even an option. She is so transparent and I can see why so many celebs don’t deal with her.

  7. Whatever. She’s being just as tacky as she always has been. But Beyonce doesn’t seem to be fazed, so I guess everyone can move on now.


  9. wendy looks kinda manly and fake who is she 2 talk about beyonce,shes just jealous n insecure, cant help that she has virtually no body and no muscles nothing but echoes n oodles of fat layers lol

  10. Don’t back down, Wendy! It is WHAT it is. Alot of people do think that when Beyonce speaks but afraid to say it. Thank you, Wendy. The TRUTH hurts.

  11. Wendy you still have no class. sometimes you open your mouth and you don’t even know what comes out. you need to calm down cause you gonna lose your fans.I am not your fan anymore. Its one thing talking gossip but its another thing when you freaking disrespecting anyone. Beyonce speaks with class unlike you. Are you on drugs again? You are ghetto and always will be no matter what you where or how u look.Jealous much?yes you are jealous.

  12. You know, I’ve had my moments of not being nice to Beyonce, but I don’t ever think it was because I hated her or was jealous. I think a lot of people, including celebrities hate Beyonce because she catapulted to the highest level in the industry, surpassing some of the world’s biggest stars, including icons, to become “Beyonce.” She has that status that none of today’s stars possess. The only time she’s a little racy is when she is on stage. Other than that, she minds her business, keeps her private life concealed, and just continues to build that legacy on her way to becoming a legend. People call her dumb and uneducated, but who was thinking ahead? Who has turned out to be the visionary? Beyonce. A dumb ass doesn’t do that. Jealously kills. And regardless or whether you’re jealous or not, she’s going to continue climbing to new heights.

  13. The truth, is the truth a real fan of beyonce can speak that truth wendy was wrong for her approach and how she said it but it is the truth beyonce is an amazing talent and performer but speaking out to the public and sonetimes in general is not her strong suit everybody has flaws even the rich and famous and that is one of beyonces flaws

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