Is Kenya Moore Broke?

kenya moore broke
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Kenya Moore broke? The reality star has had an insane couple of weeks when it comes to the latest headlines. Just recently, it was reported that her on-screen boyfriend Walter Jackson had dumped her and is now currently romantically involved with an up and coming singer in Atlanta. His alleged new romance was confirmed in a series of Instagram photos, as well as in a recent interview Jackson gave to a Atlanta radio station, V-103 the other day. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Walter also claimed that his relationship with Kenya was staged and just for the cameras. In his recent interview with V-103, Walter said Kenya asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend on the show. Walter took her up on the offer and claims they haven’t been romantically involved in three years. But things got a little too much for Walter when Kenya started to pressure him about marriage and starting a family, something Walter said he didn’t sign up for.

Kenya denies that she asked Walter to pretend to be her boyfriend on the show, and claims he only did it for fame. But rumors suggest that Walter is telling the truth, especially since one of the rumored requirements on landing a spot in the “Housewives” franchise is having a man in your life, something Kenya didn’t have reportedly before signing on with the show. But now rumors are suggesting that Kenya Moore was desperate to get on the show because of money problems. Is Kenya Moore broke?

According to the streets of Atlanta and Atlanta blogger Straight From the A, Kenya is so broke and owes so many creditors for her production company that she needed the RHOA checks. When producers told her that she needed to have a romantic relationship to get on the show, they say she then told them about Walter and even promised he wanted to marry her. It’s also being said that Kenya is renting her current Atlanta home, borrowing the car she’s seen using on the show and struggling to keep her Production company afloat since the company seems to only crank out straight to DVD predominately black films.


  1. LOL. Of course she’s broke. The sad thing is the check they get isn’t even that big. NeNe is the only one who makes over a million per season.

  2. She has a production company? Good grief! I guess she will be back making appearences in King Mag and Soooth Mag soon.

    Oh and she will be shakin her butt in the next Juicy J. music video.

  3. Makes sense. No one is going to go through all of this to get on a reality show if they don’t need the money. Kenya has totally sold her soul for RHOA and I know she will regret it later. She has all these famous “bffs,” why didn’t she call them and use her connections?

  4. Kick her off the show! The way she carries herself and treats the other ladies on the show. Its a bad look.

    Bravo please give her the boot!!!!!!! Or NeNe slap the sh*t out of her please!

  5. I have to wonder if she is broke…is Kandi broke…she didn’t need the money…but she is still on the show…in fact Kandi is richer because of the show. Perhaps, Kenya saw the show as a good platform to become more rich?

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