K. Michelle & J.R. Smith Get Raunchy on Instagram

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle has moved on from her situation with Memphitz and the reality star is taking another chance with dating. For the last couple of months, it has been rumored and pretty much confirmed on Twitter that K. Michelle and NBA baller J.R. Smith (New York Knicks) had a thing for each other. Although they dated a while back, things didn’t work out because K. Michelle went off when she caught him or at least thought she caught him flirting with groupies on his Twitter account. Things got messy after that and the two basically called things off after one of K. Michelle’s girlfriends went off in defense of K. Michelle and J.R. Smith clapped back and dragged her.

Despite all of the drama that went down on Twitter, K. Michelle eventually would come to the conclusion that she overreacted, and the reality television star went on a mission to get the basketball player to forgive her and give her another chance. After a series of Tweets and proclaiming her obsession with him in a recent radio interview, I guess things worked out because it appears that the two are back on. It’s clear by a series of tweets and recent photos that they are finally back on and K.Michelle couldn’t be happier. So of course it was only right that they got back to being raunchy on their Twitter accounts:



The couple has even been hitting up nightclubs together and K. Michelle seems to be happy to have her man back. We only hope they don’t end up shading each other on Twitter again if it doesn’t work out. Twitter kind of has that effect on celebrity relationships these days.


  1. Now she wants to do threesomes but she was mad that he was flirting on Twitter a few months ago??? I don’t know about this.

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