Did NeNe Leakes Catch on to Kenya & Walter’s Fake Relationship During Filming?

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

By: Taren Vaughan

NeNe Leakes not buying Kenya Moore and Walter‘s relationship either? Kenya Moore has been knee deep in drama ever since she joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. It all kicked off when she got into with Cynthia Bailey over her behavior at the casting call that Cynthia held at her agency and the shade that Cynthia was throwing to Kenya about her modeling credentials. Kenya also found herself beefing with Porsha Stewart, another new face on RHOA, a beef that is continuing to go pretty strong at the moment. Aside from the drama that she has going with some of the other women on the show, Kenya’s relationship with Walter has caused some for her as well. It was rumored that Walter dumped Kenya for an up and coming singer in Atlanta. And to top it all off,  Walter claimed that the relationship that they had was fake. Not letting that one go with saying something, Kenya addressed Walter’s claims, saying that they were completely false and that they were indeed a true couple. Even with Kenya releasing a full fledged statement about her relationship, that hasn’t stopped some of her other cast mates from giving it the side eye.

NeNe Leakes has given Cynthia Bailey props for being able to read Kenya for who she really is, throwing her own shade at Kenya before. And now she is doing of a little of that on her own as NeNe flat out tells Kenya that something just doesn’t seem quite right about the relationship that she has going on with Walter and that to her, they don’t seem like a real couple:

“Y’all don’t seem like a couple to me.”

And Kenya responds by saying that she could care less what people think about what her and Walter have going on:

“I really don’t give a f*ck about what other people think.”

While Kenya Moore may not be fazed about how people view her relationship with Walter, that hasn’t stopped them from questioning how real it was.

Check out the clip below:



    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing! She shades everyone but has been silent on Kenya’s fake relationship. Weird.

  1. Kenya shouldn’t return to the RHOA. She doesn’t like how the producers “editted” the show to show the parts of her that are bat shyt crazy. I actually feel sorry for her. She’s the poster girl for pretty don’t last. She used to be a bad chick. Now she’s an aging chick with bad make up. She wants to be married but aint nobody going to put up with her. She should have done all of that back in the 80’s when she was hot. No one wants an old brat. As for kids, she should consider adoption or go the Halle Berry route. She’s a mess.

  2. @The raleast 514 ARE u BLIND!! how many women u know look like KENYA MOORE IN THERE 40s smfh!! her skin is tight and her body is on point!

  3. @More I don’t think she’s bad looking for her age but I do think she’s not bad enough to behave the way she does. Also, she is a celebrity so her beauty is nothing new to anyone. We were in awe of her looks in the 90s now we’re just like, “Awe Kenya” I feel bad for her. Seriously, she is the DEFINITION OF THIRSTY.

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