J.R. Smith Says K. Michelle is Not His Girl, K. Michelle Responds

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

So I guess hugging up and kissing someone all over the mouth in photos really shouldn’t mean much when it involves a reality television star and NBA baller. For the last few months, K. Michelle and New York Knicks star J.R. Smith have been flirting back and forth on Twitter and even going out on dates in New York. The pair met when K.Michelle had a show in New York a while back, and the chemistry between them has been on and off ever since. Things haven’t always been great for their interesting relationship, as most of their fall outs seem to be from Twitter mishaps. The last time K. Michelle called things off with the basketball star, it was due to what appeared to be him flirting with groupies on Twitter. Things only got worse when one of K. Michelle’s girlfriends decided to defend her friend and attempted to put the NBA star in his place on Twitter. Smith clapped back and things between him and the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star ended just as quickly as it started.

K. Michelle eventually confirmed in an interview that she blames herself for the end of that “relationship” and she used her interviews as a way to apologize and convince J.R. Smith to give her a second chance. Her apologies appeared to have been successful because they were spotted kissing and rubbing each other in a club the other night, in addition to the series of lovey dovey tweets they have been sending each other for the last week.

Welp, we’re not sure what happened or if they still aren’t officially back on, but J.R. Smith took to his Twitter account to declare to a fan that he is single and he is not K. Michelle’s man.

Peep the tweets (read from the bottom up):

j.r. smith says he is single

J.r. smith and k michelle break up tweets

Of course, K. Michelle responded (read from the bottom up):

k michelle and j.r. smith split

k michelle and j.r. smith break up


  1. Lawd! She needs to leave this guy alone. I have heard about how he does women and it’s not something she needs to get caught up in. I know she wants love but this here will NOT work out EVER.

  2. Dude is a b-tch. Any grown man that is always airing his business out on Twitter is not worthy of a woman’s time. IJS.

  3. K. Michelle is acting like a groupie. She’s clinging on to this man’s nuts because he’s a NBA player. He’s a douche bag and she’s tolerating a lot of this because of what he does for a living.

  4. I knew this wouldn’t end well when she was begging him to take her back in interviews. Sorry, but a man will not respect you when you are chasing after him. They are not wired that way. Play it cool and let him figure out if he wants you or not. If he doesn’t, his loss.

    1. I was just thinking to same thing. I love her response though – she’s thirsty but funny in the same breathe. She can do better. I don’t like him for anyone. He’s a real shyt biscuit who mistreats women because they allow it. He’s not even cute imo. Move on…he has…

  5. This is the same guy that was fined $25,000 by the NBA for posting Tahiry’s naked butt after he smashed to Twitter in an attempt to piss off Joe Budden during their Twitter Beef episode.

  6. I still don’t see what she sees in him besides his bank account. He’s not even attractive. He has the whole Shaunie O’Neal nostrils thing going on.

  7. SMH. Maybe they weren’t together, but he didn’t have say all that on Twitter. He’s doing the most and seems like a jerk.

  8. K. Michelle says she only requires that her men blow weed smoke in her face and be covered in tattoos. She got her wish. No sympathy here.

  9. She wanted a thug/street guy, now she has one. And this is how they treat women. She’s like a lot of women out here that want the most toxic things from a man but stay clueless as to why their relationships never work out.

  10. This is the kind of dude she is gonna get until she fix her attitude and stop acting so ratchett. I think they are a good match. So thats how much I think Of K. Michelle.

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