Fantasia Barrino Doesn’t Care What You Think

Photo Credit: Jyle Dupuis
Photo Credit: Jyle Dupuis

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Fantasia Barrino might have an amazing voice, but the singer has been making headlines most recently for allegedly having an affair with a married man. The alleged affair resulted in the birth of her son, and Fantasia has received plenty of criticism for continuing to date Antwuan Cook, despite the fact that he did not legally divorce from his wife Paula. Although rumors suggested the two called off their controversial romance, recently, Fantasia confirmed through Instagram that she is still seeing Antwuan. This confirmation on the social network only led to an argument with some of Antwaun’s family members who have made it clear that they don’t approve of the relationship.  After arguing with Antwuan’s aunt on Instagram, Fantasia continues to have more controversy on her Instagram account.

The other day, the singer uploaded a picture and a certain misspelling caused a controversy that led to the singer to not only to be dragged in the comment section of her own Instagram account but the mistake also became a popular topic among the urban gossip blogs.

Here’s the picture and the misspelling:

fantasia instagram misspelling

fantasia instagram misspelling caption

Fantasia has made it no secret that she struggled with getting an education and she hasn’t hid the fact that she was functionally illiterate when she first embarked on fame a few years ago. However, the comments that followed did manage to hurt the singer’s feelings.

So imagine the frustration she felt when the mishap made headlines on most of the urban gossip blogs. Despite the embarrassment, Fantasia has decided she can no longer care about other people’s opinions. She took to her Instagram account to let her fans and critics know that she no longer cares what people think:

fantasia instagram

fantasia instagram caption

She also made the new attitude clear in her bio:

fantasia instagram bio


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