Mimi Faust Calls Joseline Hernandez a Gay Man

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Mimi Faust found herself caught up in some crazy drama being apart of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as she was the third piece to the love triangle that consisted of her baby’s daddy Stevie J. and his side chick at the time Joseline Hernandez, who eventually became more than just another artist that Stevie managed. Stevie’s dealings with Joseline intensified as the season progressed and the beef between Mimi and Joseline did just the same as they continuously fired shots at one another and exposed each other’s past. It was clear that Joseline was not going to remove herself from the picture any time soon and that Stevie had some real issues with being a faithful partner. Yet Mimi was set on working things out with him, pissing many viewers of the show off, them feeling like she was nothing but a weak female. Mimi didn’t take that too well as she went off on her critics for judging her attempt to fix her relationship with Stevie. It even got to the point where she couldn’t even mutter as much as a “Happy Birthday” to him without getting dragged like crazy by her followers. And they probably got riled up again when they saw her right alongside Stevie on the show’s special Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets.

During their segment of the special, Mimi was caught on camera doing her own imitation of Joseline, clowning the way that she talks. And Mimi couldn’t help herself but to shade Joseline just a little bit more before the night was officially over. During the airing of the special, Joseline Hernandez and Lil’ Scrappy had a few harsh words for each other as The Lil’ Scrappy Stevie J. Fight was brought back up. The short lived Twitter beef between Joseline and Scrappy grabbed a lot of their followers’ attention in the Twittersphere and some of the other LHHATL cast members, specifically Mimi. Getting a good laugh from seeing Scrappy go in on Joseline, Mimi put her two cents in, firing her own little shot at Joseline too:

And when a follower of hers reminded Mimi that Joseline was the one who stole her man from her, Mimi went in again:


As Mimi seemed to be rather enjoying throwing jabs at Joseline, we somehow doubt that Joseline will be too fazed by the shade that Mimi threw as Joseline herself has pulled Mimi’s card several times before for not being able to handle Stevie like she does.


  1. LOL!!!! Well it doesn’t matter, that gay man stole your man. Pick up your face and stop trying to throw shade. The best revenge is moving on!

  2. She’s lame. I can’t believe she’s still salty Joseline took Stevie from her. She ought to be thanking God for that. He’s not a catch or a loss.

  3. She’s still on this? Mimi please move on. I really wish the next season of LHHATL was about you getting a new man and moving on, but I can see it won’t be, Smh.

  4. The only way I can make sense of this situation and Chris/Kae/Rih’s situation is if someone can confirm that both Stevie J. and Chris have donkey kongs in their pants.

  5. Gay men haven’t taken over, she just has the WORST taste in men and doesn’t know when to leave. The thing I can’t stand about Mimi is she never takes any responsibility with staying with Stevie. It’s always, “Well we have a child together” and “all men cheat.” Please! She stayed because she didn’t think she had any more options.

  6. Her shade is just as weak as she was last season. I would respect her if you just got the hell on and did her next season but I see she has plans to continue being a doormat to Stevie J.’s broke a-s.

  7. LOL. Mimi stay losing though. As mannish as Joseline looks, she had Stevie wrapped around her fingers. Mimi just played herself and thought she threw shade.

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