Stevie J. Wants to Get Married, Despite Adding More Women to His Bus

Photo Credit:: VH1
Photo Credit:: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Looking at the very first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J. didn’t appear at all as a man who was looking to truly settle down and become a married man. In fact, he struggled being a faithful boyfriend too supposedly as his cheating ways lead to him and Rapper Eve going their separate ways. And it was clear from LHHATL that Stevie was not satisfied with just having one woman on his arm as he stayed caught up in between Mimi and Joseline. As many people have trashed Stevie for acting like a pimp and over his doggish ways, the producer turned reality star doesn’t seem to be too bothered by what anyone has to say to or about him, unless they are throwing shade at his bus of course. As far as his antics on the show in combination with his track record with women are concerned, Stevie made it clear that he and the thought of being faithful just didn’t mix. And the way he acted and carried himself on the show would led people to think that he never had any intentions of getting married at all. Surprisingly though, Stevie says that exchanging vows is something that he wants to do:

stevie j marriage

While Stevie admitted to having the urge to walk down the aisle, he must not be that ready to do it as he hinted that there will be more women getting on his bus during the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

stevie j bus


  1. I hope this dude never walks down the aisle. Hasn’t he been engaged like 5 times? Marriage is not for everybody.

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