Bow Wow Misses Ex Girlfriend Angela Simmons?

Photo Credit: @officialbowwow Instagram
Photo Credit: @officialbowwow Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Bow Wow still have a thing for Angela Simmons? Bow Wow has taken on some new endeavors over these past few months. He has earned a spot as one of the four new hosts on music video show 106 & Park. Yet with the positive things that have been going on for him, his name has been dropped in the rumor mill a time or two for some pretty negative things, talk going around about him being a deadbeat dad and not having his finances in order. Usually claiming himself to not be one to address false chatter about him, Bow Wow decided to speak on some things that have been said about him and his current status with his baby’s mother. And he even went on to explain why he took a minor break from making music to take on the 106 & Park gig. As far as his dating life goes, Bow Wow hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically recently, aside from the gossip bit about him losing his virginity to model Esther Baxter which she denied being true. Looking at his past though, he has had some public unions with other celebrities in the industry including Singer Ciara. Bow Wow has also been romantically linked to Angela Simmons too as well and spoke on their relationship previously before. While Bow Wow says that he has no intentions of ever dating Ciara again, it looks like Bow Wow doesn’t feel the same way about Angela Simmons as he posted this photo of them together from his Instagram account, drawing comparisons between her and his mother:

Photo Credit: @officialbowwow Instagram
Photo Credit: @officialbowwow Instagram


Is Bow Wow trying to get back with Angela Simmons or is he just reminiscing?


  1. He needs to move on and let this girl be. She’s too good for him because he wanted to play when she wanted to be serious. Men are a trip. They want you when THEY WANT you. Smh.

  2. I always thought they were so cute together. They both have career aspirations and are making moves, so I wouldn’t mind them getting back together.

  3. They make a really cute couple…..I wish them luck…Hope it happens for them…Go get her but clean your house first (if you know what I mean)

  4. If Angela knows what’s good for her she will keep stepping Don’t nobody want Bow wow now that he have baggage and broke! Thats not a good look for a socialite like Angela.

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