Stevie J. Says He Regrets Hurting Women & Explains Hiatus From Producing

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J. may now be reality star, thanks to his shenanigans on the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but the producer has made it clear on the show that he desires much more to get back to making music and making hits. His new-found fame from the hit reality show has helped make that possible, as his love triangle with his artist Joseline Hernandez and on and off girlfriend and baby mama Mimi Faust became the most talked about storyline from the show. The attention hasn’t been all that positive though for Mimi Faust, and she’s resorted to ranting and cursing out her critics on Twitter and on YouTube. Joseline, however, seems to love all the attention the toxic relationship has given her, as long as people don’t say she looks like a man.

By the end of the first season, Mimi acted as if she had finally has enough of Stevie J’s antics and side relationship with Joseline Hernandez. Just as dramatic as ever, she broke it off with him in front of the cameras. Mimi says that Stevie’s behavior on the show embarrassed her and at the moment, they are still not back together. She even took to her Twitter account to blast Stevie the other day for sending her text messages about possibly taking him back for the sake of their child.

Although Stevie didn’t appear to be regretful of how things went down with Mimi since the end of the first season, in a recent interview for Vibe Magazine with Angela Yee, he admits that he does regret hurting women with his terrible choices regarding romantic relationships. He also admitted he regrets not being there for his older kids at one point of time and taking a hiatus from producing.

When asked about the things he regrets, Stevie says:

“The fact that I hurt women in my life and the fact that I wasn’t always there for my oldest children…just the mistakes that we make being young and thinking we’ll be one way forever when the fact is we all get older and wiser. You know I would just change a few of those things like that. One more, I would have stayed producing because a lot of these dudes out here are trash.”


Stevie also talked about why he took a break from producing music. According to Stevie, he felt he had to step back for a while to be a better father and spend more time with his kids. He says:

“I had to take time to know my family and know my kids. I needed to take time to find out that I like being around water, I like to go swimming, I like to go bike riding, I like to go for walks in the morning. Things like that. I was working so much that i didn’t know what I liked.”


Check out a clip of the interview here:

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  1. LOL I can’t even take him seriously when he says he regrets hurting women but I’m glad he finally did right by his kids.

  2. Stevie is who he is. He has some issues he’s probably never going to deal with. So women need to stay clear, but of course the won’t.

  3. I can’t take him seriously…glad he is spending more time with his kids though. But the way he treats women is beyond disgusting.

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