K. Michelle Tells Fan to Kill Themselves for Asking if Her Butt is Fake

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

From the moment she made her reality TV debut on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle proved that she was not timid about speaking on her past as she told her story on the show’s very first episode. And it was one that sparked the first round of drama on a show that had plenty of it in its first season. Though nameless at the time it was told, K. Michelle spoke about the alleged abuse that she endured from ex-boyfriend Memphitz, a claim that is still being denied by the music producer. Memphitz retaliated from a distance by dragged K. on his Instagram account, remainding her who was the one responsible for fixing her up. But because K. Michelle puts most of her personal business out on the table herself anyway, she wasn’t really that fazed by Memphitz calling her out on her fake body parts. On top of the fact, K. doesn’t hide that she has had some work done to herself, her teeth and breasts being the only two things that K. Michelle claims to have done anything to. Be that as it may, K.’s large derriere often gets her the side eye from people as they are still not convinced that she is being honest about her enhancements. For the bolder non-believers, they have taken to social media networks to try to blast K. for lying about her butt not being fake, K. going off on them of course and sticking to her word. Knowing her reputation for going off on people at the drop of a dime, one of her followers decided to come at K. once again about whether or not her butt is fake. And you already know what happened next:


k michelle twitter


As K. Michelle rarely shies away from answer questions about herself, it looks like she really is over the ones about the realness of her booty.


  1. Her butt is fake and that’s why she gets so mad when people ask her about it. Her butt isn’t even proportional to her body. It looks dumb on her little frame.

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