Fantasia Angers Supporters of the Gay Community with Rant

Photo Credit: @tasiasword Instagram
Photo Credit: @tasiasword Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Fantasia Barrino is by far one of the most successful American Idol winners that has ever come from the show. Unfortunately for the singer, the successes that she has had throughout her career have taken a backseat to all the personal life drama that she had going on involving her relationship with her baby’s father Antwaun Cook, Fantasia at one point hinting that she had officially broken things of with him. The news of the singer being pregnant by Cook did not get the reaction that most, not all, celebrity pregnancy announcements get as it was revealed that the married Cook was still with his wife, getting Fantasia slapped with the homewrecker title with the quickness. Though the terrible dragging she got through the media over the relationship has died down, the situation is still causing problems for Fantasia as Antwaun Cook’s estranged wife was rumored to be trying to sue her. As Fantasia may not experiencing the same amount of backlash that she was before, that hasn’t stopped people from criticizing her and that is one thing that has continued to tap dance on her nerves as Fantasia made it clear that she could care less what people think or have to say about her. Well she must not have gotten all of her ranting out of her system yet as she took to her Instagram account to send another message to her haters, pissing off members of the gay and lesbian community and their supporters while she was at it:


fantasia instagram


While she probably wasn’t trying to be offensive with her comment about gay marriage, it didn’t go over too well with some of her followers as they gave her an earful about it (Read from bottom to top):


fantasia twitter

fantasia twitterfantasia twitter


  1. I’m pretty sure she was just trying to say one sin is not greater than the other, so don’t judge her, but umm, yeah, they slayed her.

  2. I wish she would stop all the instagram rants about people judging her. If you don’t care, stop talking about it Fanny!

  3. I wish this harlot would have a seat somewhere. Her album sales have been subpar ever since the affair. You ain’t rising above a damn thing except Antwaun’s d-ck.

  4. I thought she said she was done worrying about what other people think of her…there’s no need to keep posting stuff like this if you don’t care, right?

  5. I know what she meant, but she needs to learn how to communicate and write better if she’s going to share her thoughts.

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