LeBron’s Mom Reaches Settlement with Valet She Slapped

Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram
Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

LeBron Jamesmom Gloria James is one baller mom that does not shy away from the cameras as she is often spotted in the crowd cheering her son on, and is sometimes caught near the locker room tunnel at his games, planting kisses on LeBron and his Miami Heat teammates’ cheeks for good luck and a job well done. While cheek kissing is normally viewed as an innocent gesture, Gloria James’ alleged reputation of getting too close with LeBron’s teammates in the past makes her doing it look questionable as it was rumored that she was carrying on a sexual relationship with one of his former teammates NBA player Delonte West; Delonte West stepped in and denied the rumor repeatedly of him ever sleeping with Gloria James. While LeBron’s mom may have not gotten physical with Delonte, she did with a Miami Beach valet driver as Gloria James was hit with a lawsuit for slapping them for moving a little too slow for her liking with bringing her car to her. LeBron’s mom was arrested over the incident but managed to dodge jail time for supposedly using her son’s celebrity status to get her off the hook. Although the incident is dated now, a recent settlement appears to have been made between the two parties, Gossip Extra reports:

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James‘ mother has agreed to settle a nasty lawsuit brought against her by a valet she slapped because he didn’t bring her car fast enough, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, although a source familiar with the case said Gloria James will be paying ex-Fontainebleau Miami Beach valet Rock Feller Sorel for his trouble.

According to the lawsuit, Sorel claimed to be emotionally scarred because of the national attention brought on him by the case.

Neither Chris Lyons nor Sandy Becher, Gloria’s lawyers, nor Bob Stok, Sorel’s, commented.

The lawsuit was filed nearly two years ago, in the wake of the incident that had Gloria James arrested for battery and disorderly intoxication.

The first charge was dropped and she was sentenced to community service for the second. That had Stok holler that prosecutors did not seek jail for Gloria because of her NBA-leading son.


  1. Most likely she’ll be slapping someone else in the face in a drunken rage again sometime next year. She knows LeBron can pay off anyone else she decides to terrorize in the near future.

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