Joseline Hernandez Doesn’t Accept Tamar Braxton’s ‘Apology’ & Wants to See Her on the Streets

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

So what did Joseline Hernandez have to say about Tamar Braxton‘s apology? Joseline Hernandez has yet to back away from the spotlight even after the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta came to an end. While most of the other cast mates have been pretty chill, with the exception of them getting involved in Twitter beefs over exes or going off on one of their fans for asking irritating questions, the drama for Joseline has continued as she can’t seem to make up her mind about whether she is going to stay on or get off Stevie J’s infamous bus.  Joseline’s off and on romance with Stevie J. keeps her quite occupied these days along with her music that she has continued to work hard on since the ending of the show. As the self proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess has fans to show for now that she is a reality TV star and takes much pride in her music, other artists have taken shots at her for hyping herself up without having an album to show for. Even Stevie seemed to be losing interest in working with Joseline anymore. That hasn’t deterred Joseline one bit though as she is steadily promoting her music on social networks and in interviews.

Negative commentary doesn’t seem to faze Joseline much as we saw from LHHATL as she herself seemed to have mastered how to really get under some of her cast mates’ skin. However the ones questioning her gender seem to be the buzz words for her, Joseline pushed to the point where she revealed, literally, to the world that there was nothing manly about her. It just so happened thought that the subject got brought up again recently on a live television show that Tamar Braxton appeared on, Tamar saying that she was not believing that Joseline was all woman. Joseline went off of course after peeping the show, calling Tamar everything but a child of God. With a feisty attitude herself, Tamar did the unexpected and sort of extended an apology to Joseline for calling her a man. It was only a matter of time before Joseline responded to Tamar’s apology. And let’s just say that she strongly declined it:

joseline hernandez tamar braxton
Looks like Tamar’s half apology just made things worse between her and Joseline.



  1. This is one beef Tamar shouldn’t have even started. She has to watch the show, so I know she didn’t really think Joseline wasn’t going to come for her after she said she was a man. I love Tamar but her mouth is too big and her mouth tends to write checks that she can’t cash.

  2. It’s two people you don’t beef with: 1. Beyonce stans and 2. ratchet people. Oftentimes, they are one in the same though…

    1. Not true. Bey has a large fan base and it’s very diverse. I have a college degree and a great career…but I’m a huge fan. Lots of women like myself love Bey. Stop reaching. She doesn’t even have anything to do with this post. #THIRSTY

        1. Umm…my point was that Beyonce has a diverse fan base. White, black, classy, ratchet, rich, poor, etc. These are facts. So yeah…what is your point exactly?

  3. Watch Tamar’s scary a-s go and press charges or file a lawsuit for these tweets. She did the same thing to K. Michelle.

  4. Tamar needs to learn that you can’t be talking reckless about people and then think you can just tweet some kind of wack apology and everything will be cool. Some people aren’t faking their ratchetness. Some of them are the real damn deal. And Joseline will two piece her like a boxer. We’ve already seen her do it.

  5. Tamar is my b-tch .com ion feel like she scared because she apologized that was the right thing to do because she would like for somebody to apologize to her if they talked bad bout her for no reason..but far as joseline fuk ha wit ha manly lookn a-s its the truth lol SHE LOOK LIKE A MAN LOL..#ni who mad

  6. Joseline is a hoe and a bad example on the world and relationship she is simply nothing to me but a slutty ass disrespectful nasty ((MAN)) looking as b-tch. So it do matter to her what she do or say to other ppl I dont give a f-ck about her.. Team Tamar

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