Is Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena’s Engagement Fake?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

So they say Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena are engaged, but could the engagement be fake? Last night, Twitter went crazy with people’s reactions to the first episode of Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop. For many people, the show just didn’t seem real, especially the interactions between one “current” couple and a former couple that called it off two years ago. Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz are said to be “so in love,” but we have to say we just didn’t see the chemistry last night or during the press meeting yesterday. Erica seems more into Rich than he is with her. Then they conveniently planted their first rumor yesterday about them getting busy at some public restroom in some New York nightclub  the other night. So to us, all of it just seems so…fake. Apparently, we’re not the only people who feel that way because many expressed the same sentiments last night on Twitter. But one young lady in particular suggests she has proof that Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz engagement is fake.

Before we even get into what happened on Twitter last night, we do have to address that for the last 24 hours, Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz have been giving conflicting answers to anyone who has been asking them if they are engaged. Erica Mena says the couple is engaged and even posted wedding magazines to her Instagram account the other day, but Rich Dollaz flat out told Global Grind that they are not engaged.

If that’s not weird enough, a young woman posted what she says is a text message conversation that took place yesterday between her and Rich. In the messages, Rich seems to suggest that he is not engaged, and he even asked the girl to send him some sexy pictures like he’s not even in a relationship with Erica. The young woman then claims that she and Rich were actually in a relationship, but she broke things off when the blogs started to report that Rich was engaged to Erica Mena.

Peep the tweets:

rich dollaz and erica mena engagement fake

rich dollaz and erica mena engagement fake

erica mena and rich dollaz engagement fake

The young woman then proceeded to upload text messages she claims were from Rich Dollaz. In the alleged messages, he  claims he is not engaged and even asks her to send him sexy pictures of himself:


erica mena and rich dollaz engaged

rich dollaz and erica mena fake engagement


Of course Rich Dollaz denies that these text messages are real:


rich dollaz and erica mena engaged

erica mena and rich dollaz engaged


Mona Scott Young has been accused before of creating stories when there isn’t one, and even “staging” drama to keep the show interesting. Last year, Lil Scrappy even admitted the fight between him and Stevie J. was totally staged and encouraged by the producers. This is pretty much why Chrissy, Jim Jones, and Kimbella left the show.

Interestingky enough, despite all the drama that the first episode had, people are still wishing LHHATL was back on. We saw numerous tweets from people who admit the show is nowhere near as entertaining as LHHATL, but this one seems to have been the most retweeted:


lhhatl better than lhh


Not only is Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz’s engagement and entire relationship most likely fake, but Joe Budden and Tahiry’s scenario on the show seems so forced. If you ask us, both have obviously moved on and this storyline is two years too late. Maybe Tahiry needed the money, so Joe is looking out, and that’s easy to understand if Tahiry is a waitress these days.

But tell us how you feel, do you believe any of the new story lines? Do you think LHHATL is the better show? Vent in the comment section below.


  1. Whoa. I can say I didn’t see the chemistry between Erica and Rich either. The whole first episode was just a lot of bad acting. At least LHHATL’s ratchetness was more believable.

  2. The first episode bored me. Hopefully it will get better, but I don’t care for anyone’s storyline. I like Yandy, but even her story isn’t unique. I honestly think nothing can compare to LHHATL.

  3. The whole thing was so damn fake. And no Erica and Rich aren’t really together. They can’t even fake it properly. Rich always looks so uninterested when she’s with him. Now had Mona paired him with Olivia, it would have seemed more realistic.

  4. I was a little bored actually. I definitely think LHHATL is hands down the better show. The people on there are way more interesting, except Rasheeda and her husband. So yeah, Mona might have shot herself in the foot with her own spinoff. Damn.

  5. The show was just meh. I’m ready for Atlanta to come back on. And no, Erica and Rich ain’t believable by any means.

  6. The show SUCKS now! First of all, Tahiry and Joe Budden are not even thinking about each other. He has a new boo, and I only think they are trying to talk now for the show. Mona wanted them on the show like two years ago on the first season, but Joe didn’t want to do it. So now that they are both in need of the money and attention, they agree to it and are acting out the storyline they should have had first season. They are so damn stale! I like Yandy, but I’m not interested in her relationship with a scrub. It’s just embarrassing to watch. I have never read any good things about her man. Olivia is boring AGAIN, and Erica and Rich are the WORST actors. I honestly thought Rich was high the majority of his scenes. Ugh! Bring ATL back!

  7. All of it is fake this season. Yes, Oprah’s Wig is spot on. Joe and Tahiry should have been on the first season, but Joe thought he was too good to do reality TV. Now he needs the attention and agreed to do it. Tahiry and Joe are both over each other, but they are acting for the cameras. He ain’t thinking about Tahiry, and she ain’t thinking about him either. Yandy has been with her dude for a good minute and their drama is fake too. Erica Mena had no story line, so she needed to have a man on the show. Mona paired them up. Kimbella got the hell on because of Juelz. It’s so obvious and so hard to watch. I don’t know if I can watch the whole season.

  8. I’m mad they are trying to make Joe Budden into this season’s Stevie J. Can’t nobody touch the messiness that is that damn love triangle. Nobody!

  9. Well I wanna see the epidose when Mendeecee’s grabs the boy round the neck for the picture he took of Yandy in the gym….I think Tahiry will be the Chrissy of the show, she pops off

    1. I wanna see the gym fight too! That was the only preview of the show that excited me! I can miss several episodes of this LHHNY season! I NEED LHHATL to come back on so I can get my Joseline and Steebie fix!

  10. It should have been No Love n Hip Hop until LHHATL was ready to to be aired….this season…was /is a waste!

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